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The journey of Kamizol-K: 2023 triumphs & glimpse into 2024!

Join us in this new written interview with Kamizol-K, as we explore their rapid ascent from winning The Voice of Hell competition, to playing on big stages at renowned festivals like Hellfest Open Air, PLANE’R FEST and FURIOSFEST in 2023. With new singles on the horizon for 2024, the band definitely doesn’t plan on stopping there!

Photo by Jeremy Girard

Hello Kamizol-K. Thanks for your time! Would you mind introducing your band to our readers?

Hi Valentine and Hi to everyone.
The band started in 2016 and the final line up was made in 2020. We are 6 members: Marie and Lionel as dual lead singers, Gaetan and Kevin as guitarists, Nicolas as the bassist and Anthony for the drums. First of all, we all agreed to unit our passion of music into this project. We are led by the influence of Hardcore style but we also get inspired by others metal style like thrash metal for example. That’s why we usually say that the band is a cocktail of HxC and metal.

We also share a common passion for Japanese culture, whether video games, movies, or manga. Although we talk about some personal topics in the lyrics, we also like to explore different fictions including the character of the different CD design.

After winning The Voice of Hell competition, you made your debut at the Hellfest Open Air Festival in 2023. Tell us about the experience.

It was a great surprise for us to get selected into the 10 finalists of the voice of hell competition. We realized how much we were supported by people and it was a very warm feeling for us! Thank you all for that! But when we saw that we were actually the winner of this competition, we firstly could not believe it! Like what? Is that real? Is that us? No, it’s not possible!? Are you sure?? lol

The experience of opening this mythic Hellfest Warzone stage is just amazing and wonderful! There were so many people waiting for the Warzone to start, that the energy we received at this moment was a powerful positive push up for us to own the stage! Playing on this stage was like a dream for us and we made it thanks to all people who support us!

You went on to play some great shows, including PLANE’R FEST in July and FURIOSFEST in August. Would you say that 2023 was a rewarding year for your band?

Yeh definitely! We worked hard to make the album “Exile” as we wanted. Nothing is made randomly and we tried to make this album like something continuously powerful and aggressive. We also recorded at Convulsion Productions with Thibault Bernard who really made a massive production for the album. We worked with Julien from 8 paths studio to release and shoot our videos. I think that all those things combined are what made the band being rewarded with shows and festivals. Actually, we had one festival per month. And we are really enjoying it. So, you can be sure that we are going to work harder to make it go on for 2024!

Overall, you’ve been lucky enough to perform a lot this year. What’s your favorite thing about live performances?

I think that what we are enjoying the most as we are playing on stage is to see people in the crowd moving and moshing on our songs. The pleasure of sharing the music you compose and play with others has no price! It makes us want to do more. All this energy that peoples gives you when you are on stage warm you up instantly. There is one thing we really enjoy too is when we play the song “Get Away” and we make the audience come on stage to have fun with us. You see them singing your song and getting crazy! It’s so much fun!

You are currently preparing several singles for early 2024. How would you describe your usual writing process within the band?

We first compose a kind of draft of instruments in our home studio (drum, bass and guitars). We talk a lot about it and share our opinions towards the songs. When there is something that is a little bit not ok for one of us, we reconsider the instrumental parts and try to find something that makes us all agree. It’s not an easy work to do but it’s something really necessary to make a song that we all like and are proud of.

After that, the 2 singers dispatched the songs to write the lyrics, depending on how they feel about the tracks. They both have their own right on what it’s going to talk about. Fiction, personal story or a mix of it. We worked like that for “Exile” album, so we are going to work on like that for the next tracks.

A few days ago, you also unveiled a live video for your single “Horny Time”. Could you please elaborate the themes explored in this song?

“Horny Time” is a video of the different shows we had this year. It deals with common troubles and different problems we can have in life couple. All the misunderstanding that makes 2 persons not aligned on what they want or desire from each other, as if time being together was fading away their romance.

The last words are for you. If you have any other projects in the making or a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Thank you, Valentine, thanks also Distrolution Merch for giving us the chance to talk about our Band. But we want to give a big thank you to all the people who organize events for bands like to share music with people. For all the people who support us, we have to tell you that it’s thanks to you if we had the chance to experience all those amazing shows all along this 2023 year! So, we promise you to come up with new powerful riffs to satisfy all of you guys! Stay tuned because we are determined to give you more for 2024!

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