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City State talk about their new full length, “Equinox”!

Michigan metalcore breakouts City State have recently released their new full length, “Equinox”. The band is now here to talk about this recent release, as well as their upcoming plans. Check out the full interview below!

City State

Hello, City State! Thanks for taking time to answer a couple of questions for us. How are you guys doing?
We are doing great! Thank you.

How would you describe the Michigan metalcore scene?
The metalcore scene in Michigan is still going strong. There are a lot of very promising up and coming bands in the scene and there’s always shows to go to.

You’ve recently released your new full length, “Equinox”, out now via Famined Records. For those who haven’t heard it yet, what kind of songs can they expect on this record?
There’s a mix of everything on the album. We have a few really heavy songs with a lot of screaming, we have a couple softer songs with a lot of singing and catchy choruses, and we have a bunch of songs that are somewhere in between. The thing all of them have in common though is hard hitting lyrics and an emotional edge.

How long have you worked on this album?
We started working on it towards the beginning of 2018 and we finished it about a year later. It was definitely a long and frustrating process at times but we’re very happy with how everything turned out.

Which song is the one that, according to you, best represents the spirit of this record?
We think that “Crooked Walls” best represents the record as a whole. It was the first song that we wrote for the record and we kind of based the rest of the songs off of it in a way.

I’m sure you have at least one funny story from your recording sessions to share with us!
One day while Duncan was tracking vocals we recorded the audio in the room through a really bad laptop microphone and then remixed it. It was unbelievably bad.

Do you currently have any other projects in the making?
We are always writing new music, so we already have the next album in the works but that’s still in the early stages.

Thanks for your time!

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