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Despite the End talk about the band’s debut EP

We’re back with a brand new interview, introducing you guys this time to the French metal band, Despite The End. Learn more about the band’s debut EP “Butterfly Effect”, as well as their cover of “Snuff”.

Picture: Thomas O’Brien

Hello Despite the End, thanks for your time. Would it be please possible to introduce your band to our readers, as well as your roles in it?

Hello Distrolution. I am Vartan singer and creator of the band, Despite The End.

How would you describe, from your own POV, the French metal scene?

I think we have many great bands, but unfortunately, a big part of them do extreme metal styles like death melodic or black metal. At the end, that makes them all sound the same. Especially on the vocal lines, but that’s my point of view, and many will not see it this way and I respect that.

You’ve recently revealed your debut EP, titled “Butterfly Effect”. How long have you worked on this release?

I started the band in September 2019. I already had in mind what this EP will sound like, what we were going to tell in our songs etc… I worked with my bandmates during 6 months to create the sound and the songs.

How was the overall writing process for this EP?

Well most of the time, I came with lyrics or song themes, vocal lines, then we worked all together to find the good instrumental lines that feed well. We always want to transcribe the right emotions of the words in the instrumental lines.

The artwork of “Butterfly Effect” is really cool. Who created it and where did the inspiration come from?

I had the idea of the artwork in my mind, I told my vision to a graphic designer and they came with several things. This one was the perfect version of my vision.

I wanted to describe all the mistakes (little or big) that we make in our lives without dealing with them. They can be sentimental, political, psychologic, or ecological. At the end, they will become big problems, my vision of the butterfly effect.

Despite the End - Artwork

Your new single “Snuff” is now available. What’s the story behind this song?

It’s a Slikpnot cover that I wanted to make, because I’m a huge fan of Corey Taylor’s voice. At the same time, it was a good way to present the band to the world before releasing our EP.

Can you share your upcoming projects for the end of the year and 2021?

We’ll have our very first show October 10th in Paris. Also, we’re gonna make a music video for our song “Paralyzed”, which will come out in September. Then, we already started to work on our album, that we hope is going to come out at the end of 2021.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

If you’re missing bands like System of a down and if you’re a fan of what the mainstream metal industry made between 1990 and 2010, give us a chance and listen to our first EP. Most of our profits go to a charity helping disable kids to feel better through music therapy. More information on www.myouai.fr.!

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