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France has some hidden talents! Meet the electro metallers SCHULTZ!

France has definitely some hidden talents! It’s always amazing to discover new bands, and today, I’m happy to introduce you to the French electro metallers: Schultz! The guys have a lot of projects in the making and have already unveiled a preview with “I Hate You” feat Tom La Ruffa & VDREY. Check out what they had to say about it below!


Hello, Schultz, thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for Distrolution! Could you please introduce your band to our readers?

We are three members:

I’m Franz SCHULTZ, I created electronics parts, sing, make promotion, management, booking… Lot of things to do in really short times…

I’m Guitarfox, aka Yannick Renard. I played the guitar parts on the album and I also directed the video… Yes, you have to do everything by yourself nowadays… Oops, sorry pals! …

And this is Sandy Dynamite aka Sandra, who does the live dancing performance. And also sings a few songs on the album.

We also don’t forget all the people who help us too, like ArtSoundMix with his association ZEYA who makes all studio recording stuff… VDREY who makes all the visuals for us…

What’s the story behind your bands name?

In fact, at the beginning, this bands name was a joke…

During a long time, SCHULTZ was a solo project, before becoming a duo with the female performer VDREY and now a band. When I made my first concert with this project in 2002, the promoter told me “what’s your name?”. I was watching “Hogan’s Heroes” on TV, called « Papa SCHULTZ » in France and answered him « my name is SCHULTZ »… I don’t really know why I have answered this in fact…

You guys are going to release your new album, “Shot of Pain” on May 6th 2019. Can you tell us more about this upcoming release?

Franz SCHULTZ: We started to record this album around 10 months ago. It will contain 12 tracks, including featuring with French artists such as Grayssoker or KB from Ludwig Von 88.

GUITARFOX: It’s been a lot of work! Because Patrick « Mister Artsoundmix » is a real perfectionist! No one gets out his studio until the perfect take! But considering the result, I think it was worth it!


You stated that this album is a real change in your career. Care to develop with us?

GUITARFOX: Very simple: Before I joined the band, I was not there!… Hahaha… More sincerely, I was very interested by mixing Industrial Harsh Noise with heavy guitars and hear how it would sound. And then, we experimented all the possible combinations. It goes from Industrial metal to something more psychedelic, every track of the album has a different color, and I think that’s what makes a good album.

Franz SCHULTZ: Good answer! For me, it is the first time I make album with another musician. From solo project to duo, I have always made everything in this project and this new configuration is a real new start for me in music, a new adventure…

As a preview, you’ve also dropped a music video for “I Hate You” feat Tom La Ruffa & VDREY. What is this song about?

FRANZ SCHULTZ: Guitarfox has directed this video, so this question is for him 😉

GUITARFOX: This is the story of a warrior (played by the professional wrestler Tom La Ruffa) who leads his harder fight: against his personal demons, performed by Vdrey and Sandy Dynamite… Sometimes you have this naughty voice in your head who whispers you won’t do it because you’re good at nothing, and then you hate your own poor self… The inner enemy…

What else can we expect from your band in 2019?

GUITARFOX: Some smoky live gigs near your home!

FRANZ SCHULTZ: More fucking gigs everywhere, more music, more beer….

The last words are for you. If you have a message for your fans, here’s your chance!

We hope to see you on tour!

Be ready for the new album, follow us!

We need your full support!

Band picture by Vdrey.

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