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French metallers Dizorder are proud to reveal their debut album!

After a successful crowdfunding campaign reaching 120% of its goal in just a few weeks, the French metallers Dizorder are proud to reveal their debut album, “SKY//LIGHT”, out now in physical and digital version. To learn more about the latest news from the band, check out our new interview below!


Picture: Juliette Plachez

Hello Dizorder! Thanks for taking time to answer some questions for us. Could you please quickly introduce your band to our readers?

Hello to the whole team!

After a debut EP “MOON PHASES” in October 2018, we’re presenting our debut album, “SKY//LIGHT”, on December 11th 2020. Our style is uncompromising and departs from the ubiquitous lyricism among bands with female singer in France.

After revealing our first songs to the Parisian scene by opening for Silverstein, then sharing the stage alongside Zuul-FX, Smash Hit Combo, we opened the doors to a France-Spain tour in summer 2019!

Carried by the brutal melodies and screams of our singer Chloé, we offer a modern metal that shakes up by leaving areas of traditional comfort, with the versatile influences of trip-hop and deep-house.

At the crossroads between Deftones or Northlane, DIZORDER represents the trigger. It makes us switch from stable to unstable, from love to hate and distinguished by tortured and eloquent songs, by their rhythmic effectiveness.

You have just completed a crowdfunding campaign for the release of your album, “SKY // LIGHT”. Did you expect this campaign to be so successful?

Yes and no. We have been working on this campaign for over a year to offer rewards that are not linked to the technical requirements of a band. In other words, we refused to invest the fans’ money for the making of the album. We find that inappropriate and in total disagreement with our values.

The money raised is therefore intended to put fans at the heart of the artistic project. It is this criterion that led us to believe that the campaign will be successful.

The COVID context has pushed back our calendar and we had to release our campaign in October, in front of (too) many other crowdfunding campaigns.

It remains a huge success and raising 2000€ to push our debut album even further is an intense satisfaction and unprecedented in the history of DIZORDER. Many thanks to all the kissbankers!

Before the release of your album, you revealed your single, “SOUL//LESS”, featuring Matteo Gelsomino. How did this collaboration go?

This collaboration went very well, quite naturally since Chloe took singing lessons with Mattéo. It’s the result of a discussion between friends!

Speaking of new album, can you introduce “SKY//LIGHT” in a few words?


“SKY//LIGHT” is a retrospective of the evils of the modern world and invites the listener into an escape universe. It asks the question: “What remains of humanity?”. For the five of us, it is the logical continuation of “MOON PHASES”.

How would you describe your usual writing process?

In fact, we usually ended up with a musical skeleton on which we put our text. “SKY//LIGHT” allowed us to change our habits, sometimes too restrictive because they prevented a form of freedom in the phrasing and melody of the song. We are now able to reverse this process by creating around an effective topline on its own.

The writing is driven by everyone, whether rhythmically, the homogeneity of the sound and its melody. It has the advantage of strengthening cohesion and smoothing the universe that we want to give DIZORDER around a multitude of influences.

On the occasion of its release, you called our merch team to manufacture your merch (CDs, T-shirts, sweatshirts, goodies…). Can you talk about your experience with Distrolution Merch?

Perfect, Distrolution Merch arises as an absolutely strategic player because it:

– Is cheaper than its competitors
– Offers quality merch (beechfield etc.)
– Offers a wide range of textiles and goodies
– Supports and adapts to the needs of the band
– Is rigorously effective in monitoring demand
– Is ultra responsive to messages and expectations

Dizorder - CD Digipack

In general, is there a merch item that you attach particular importance to? If yes, which one?

The hoodie is the item in demand by French consumers. We know it, we feel it, because we ourselves are consumers. It remains the most imposing piece of clothing for a brand, in our opinion (in addition to a cap for the summer).

To close this interview, can we talk about your future projects?

Exporting ourselves is the challenge for our band in 2021.

Thanks for your time!

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