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In Fear They Follow talk about their upcoming debut EP!

Devon born metal quintet In Fear They Follow will release their debut EP “Solace” on the 5th April 2019. The band was kind enough to answer a few questions linked to this upcoming release, as well as their video for the title track ‘Solace’. Check out what they had to say below!


Hello, In Fear They Follow! Thanks for your time! Would you mind introducing your band to our readers?

Hi, We are In Fear They Follow, a metalcore quintet from Devon/Somerset, UK who have been on the scene for around a year and a half now. We’ve been breaking ground across the UK over the past few months. Trying to spread both our name and our music as far as possible, all ready for our debut EP release “Solace”.

Our members consist of vocalist Jake Searle, bassist Sam Elswood. Drummer Sam Kellaway and guitarists Ryan Simmons and Ben Threlfall.

How did you come up with the name of your band?

This name came about after a dispute in a previous project which resulted in this band being formed from it’s ashes. After losing their previous name, members came together and brainstormed ideas going through many different variations of our current name. And eventually “In Fear They Follow” was decided upon.

You will release your debut EP, ‘Solace’, on April 5th 2019. What kind of songs can we expect on this upcoming release?

Most of the songs on the EP convey a strong lyrical message of anger towards certain events and that is mirrored in the music. Each song indeed contains hard hitting breakdowns, soaring choruses. And also extremely powerful vocals fueled by our vocalists close connection to each theme.

This EP covers every aspect of modern metalcore, with some tracks relating to the more commercial areas. Some bringing back elements of classic metalcore and some leaning towards the niche aspects of the genre.

In Fear They Follow - Ep Artwork

How long have you worked on this EP? How did you approach the writing process?

The writing process started around September 2017 and We’ve been working towards releasing this material ever since.

“Solace” was the spark that reinvented us as a band. We felt that after our first two singles we needed a serious change in the direction of our sound. It had to be heavy, it had to be dark and it had to make a big enough impact that it could never go unnoticed. After sitting down and figuring out exactly what was needed to achieve this, the first demo “Solace” was produced for the EP.

Obviously none of this could have been achieved without the boundless support of our producer, George Lever, from G1 studios. He’s gone above and beyond to help us craft the sound we were looking for.

Can we talk about your music video for the title track ‘Solace’? How was the shooting experience?

As music videos go, this was a smooth process from start to finish. We indeed searched for locations that would represent the feeling of the song, found an old courthouse, set up and filmed it. Things always tend to go this smoothly whenever we work with Shaun from Loki Films. The man is a music video wizard and always knows exactly what shots he needs. This was the 2nd time we had worked with him (now 3rd) and we couldn’t recommend him enough!

For those who haven’t heard this song yet, what is ‘Solace’ about?

“Solace” is both the final and title track of our upcoming EP and although not the heaviest. It is by far the darkest track in terms of lyrical theme. It’s a very close song to our vocalist, Jake. And the music indeed mirrors every ounce of emotion he poured into it.

The track relates to the feeling of not wanting to be a part of modern society, being able to notice both it’s flaws and the flaws it’s created within yourself.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

We just want to say thank you to everyone that’s checked out the single. Added us to their playlist, bought a shirt or mentioned us to their friends. The response we’ve had so far has indeed been overwhelming.

And to all those same people, keep your eyes on us as there’s so much more to come in the next few months!

Thank you


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