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Interview with Quebec’s Depths Of Hatred

The Canadians Depths Of Hatred are about to release their 1st EP “Bloodguilt“, so Martin, (guitar), took some time to personally answer a couple of questions for Distrolution.

Depths Of Hatred

For the people who might discover you for the first time, could you tell us a bit more about Depths of Hatred and its history?  The band is composed of :

  • Nico Monette: Vocals
  • Martin Trottier: Guitar
  • Felix Demers: Guitar
  • Karl Desjardins: Drums
  • Antoine Millette: Bass 

We’ve started in 2009 and recorded our first song ever “Vile Consumption” that was released the same year. We played bunch of shows here in Québec, Ontario (Canada) and finally recorded our first album “Aversionist” that came out March 2012 on Galy RecordsIn 2014, the band self released the follow-up album “Hellborn” and played lots of gigs in Canada and the USA. Recently, the band has signed with Prosthetic Records and is releasing an EP “Bloodguilt” on July 20th. We will be promoting it on tour throughout Canada, from July 19th to August 5th, with 2 awesome bands Hideous Divinity and Vultures.

Can you tell us about the gears you use, and the recording process? We like simple and efficient setups. We all use Peavey amps through Mesa Boogie cabs, 5150, 6505 and a tour series 450 for bass. Maxon 808 overdrive and boss pedals for effects.We have recently tried Legator Guitars, Bass and have immediately loved the way they looked and sounded. So, we are now all about Legator Guitars!

For the recording process, we always self-produce our albums and make them mixed and mastered by other producers. The first ones were mixed, mastered by Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy) at the Grid Studio. “Bloodguilt” was mixed, mastered by Brian Hood at 456 Recordings.

As teenagers, what kind of music would you listen to? Are there any bands in particular that may have inspired you? I can’t speak for all the band members but as a teenager, I was really into bands like: Slayer, Pantera, Sepultura, Cradle Of Filth, Slipknot, System of a down and a lot more bands in the genre. They all have influenced me on some different levels.

Do you believe there is any difference between the Canadian Metal and the American Metal scene? In my opinion, it’s the same. It’s just a bunch of Metal lovers who want to have a good time and blow out some steam.

A new line-up, a new label, a new EP, How does it feel to be “fresh” and signed to a renown label like prosthetic records?  We are so proud to be part of  the “Prosthetic Records family”! Besides that, it’s an honor to have the chance to work with them because we love so many albums they have put out for some really awesome bands. Above all, we are really stoked to finally release new music after such a long time. Our new frontman (Nico Monette) did a phenomenal job on “Bloodguilt“!

What can we expect for the band in the near future? You can expect a lot of gigs and tour in 2018-2019 and probably a full length album for next year.

Any plans on touring in Europe or Asia? Although we don’t have any plans to tour Europe or Asia at the moment, we feel it’s the next logical step for us since we have never done it. Hopefully, we will cross the oceans someday.

You are quite active on social networks and already have a community on Facebook in particular. Have the social media changed the way you interact with your fans? Social media have changed a lot in this game. It’s now way easier to share content with people and have a direct feedback from the fans. Facebook, even if it is far from being perfect, is still a good tool for bands like us.

If  you were not playing music in a band, what would you do? Not sure… I would probably be doing something related to music. Maybe working in a recording studio or working in the cinema business… Life is too short to waste it working in something you don’t like.

Any favorite drinks or foods? Beeeeeeeeer and tacos!

Any messages you’d like to add for your present and future fans? Thanks for the support, we couldn’t do what we do if it wasn’t for you guys!

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