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Introducing the Belgian metalcore band Reach the Shore!

Reach The Shore formed in 2012, aiming at sharing their growing passion for music. Massive and beautiful, it focusses on melodies and heavy breakdowns, mixed with stirring sing alongs that will not fail to make you move. I got the chance to talk to the band about latest music video for single “Saddhu“, as well as their upcoming projects for 2018!

Reach the Shore

Could you please present your band to our readers? For those who have never heard your songs before, how would you describe your sound overall? Hello! We’re Reach The Shore from Brussels, Belgium. We play metalcore focussing on melodies and heavy breakdowns mixed with sing alongs and furious riffs. We’d say we have a bit of our own kind of music, but we could easily find ourselves between bands like Erra, Novelists and Deftones!

You recently unveiled a music video for your single “Saddhu”. How was the shooting experience for this song? It was amazing! We were in a forest with all our friends, the filming team 7ème Thème Production, the two actors (the cousin of the guitarist and his father). We were shooting at 2 differents spots that day, one for Saddhu and the other for the last single of the album. Really, it was so much fun and the shots came out unbelievable.

You’re currently in the midst of a series of videos releases from your latest record ‘HIKAYA’. Can you tell us more about this album? Saddhu is taken from our new 6 track album called “Hikaya”, which means story/fable in arabic language. It’s a conceptual album following a girl through her purification process: she’s from a greedy place, ruled by demons & she tries to reach the surface through a purgatory until she reach her moral revolution. She’s helped by a boy called Akhil. A lot of interpretation and meaning can be found through our visuals and lyrics.

In the album, Saddhu is the name we gave to the free tribe of Akhil. It’s a “back to the roots”/”feel the earth” song. The lyrics are coming from Nilaya’s mouth, she’s processing the current state of the earth. And visually, we’re in a flashback where Akhil is in a ritual with his father. If you want more information, we’ve made 2 explanation videos on YouTube where we talk about the story and the meaning of Hikaya.

Which of the songs on this record would you say best reflect the spirit of this album and why? We’d say ‘Akhil’, the last song on the album. In this song, the moral revolution is achieved, the story is done & it concludes our album. Also, it’s one of our favorites, it sounds great and it’s so fun to play it live! It has a lot of feelings & emotions.

Are you happy with the feedback you received so far for ‘HIKAYA’, from both your fans and the media? We’re happy with the feedback that the people who actually listened to the entire album gave us. They said it was a “masterpiece” and that were impressed with the level of music. However, we know that we play a kind of music that not a lot people listen to. Hikaya has a lot of riffs, it is like a horse on steroids and it never actually stops so that you can take a breath. The only song that’s a bit slower and easier is Lamina. The media gave us very good feedback ! We had the chance to be on Kerrang! Radio and the presenter gave us nothing but kind words.

Last but not least. Do you guys plan on releasing other music videos this year? Can we expect any other projects for 2018? There is still one left (Akhil) and then we’re done for this album. Of course you can expect new music in 2018 ! Reach The Shore 3.0, rock & roll baby ♥

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