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Introducing the New England metalcore six-piece Saving Vice!

We’re happy to present you a fresh and blooming band from the USA metalcore scene, Saving Vice.

How did you come up with the name of your band?

When we first started playing music, we all struggled with different things in our personal lives. Music is the thing that sort of drew us away from all the negativity and other vices in our lives, so we considered the band our Saving Vice, and that’s how we came up with our name.

You started the band in 2017. Were you always a six-piece and did you plan this formation from the start?

We’ve always been a six piece since the beginning. Chase joined the band first but was limited to only screams, so we wanted to bring someone else in that could focus on the cleans.

What’s it like to make music with two lead singers? Who writes the lyrics and who arranges the music?

Tyler and Chase write separately and then bring their ideas together afterwards. They bounce ideas back and forth, restructuring and rewording lines until it’s perfect. They might come back and tweak things if parts change or the rest of the band wants something different.

You’ve started off your career as a band pretty well. How was it to play at the final Vans Warped Tour this summer?

Playing the final Vans Warped Tour was an absolute honor to all of us. A lot of us have been going to The Vans Warped Tour since we were really young, so to be able to not only play it, but play the LAST one was a dream come true. We met so many amazing fans and bands that day and had the time of our lives. The crowd was hype, our fans were stoked, and we were on cloud nine. It will certainly be a day we will all NEVER forget.

Saving Vice - Vans Warped Tour

(Picture by Ian Urquhart)

How is the underground music scene going in New England? Any good bands that you can recommend?

The Underground scene in New England is actually really strong. There are so many heavy hitters making names for themselves within the local scene that we also have the honor of being great friends with. Some of my favorites that I definitely recommend checking out are Fathom Farewell, No Eye Has Seen, Unbounded, Dismissed, The Floors Embrace, and Martial Law just to name a few.

Did you get any offers from labels for your possible upcoming releases? Do you prefer being independent?

We have gotten some offers but are keeping our options open for the time being. Being independent definitely has its pros and cons, but for now we’re just going to keep doing what we love and see what happens.

Do you have any plans on visiting Europe in the near future?

Europe is definitely a stop we all want to make sooner than later. We have a pretty big fan base in Europe already which is really cool, so it’s definitely in our future.

When can we expect a new release? Can you describe your new material in a few words?

We’re currently in the process of writing our Full Length, and let me tell you, it’s all that Colder Than Dark was plus a LOT more. It’s turning out great so far and we can’t wait to show it to everyone. We are trying to incorporate everything we miss about metalcore into our sound while keeping the new age metalcore vibe. We have a huge variety of styles mixed into these new songs, from the heaviest song we’ve ever written to the lightest. As for a few words to describe it, heavy, catchy, melodic and energetic.

Thanks for your time!

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