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Introducing the Netherlands based death metal act, Apophys!

Vocalist Kevin Quilligan, from the Netherlands based death metal act, Apophys, was nice enough to take some time to answer a few questions for us. Learn more about the band’s second full length, Devoratis, due out January 22nd 2018!

Apophys Album

Hey Apophys. Thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for Distrolution! Could you please introduce your band to our readers? Who’s in your band and what are your roles in it? Kevin: Hi Valentine! Thanks for having us. Apophys is a Death Metal band from the Netherlands. Formed in 2012 by members of other notable Dutch acts like God Dethroned, Toxocara and Detonation. We released our debut album in 2015 which got a very good response and we have been working on growing the band ever since. We did shows and tour with some of the biggest names in Extreme Metal: Hate Eternal, Vader, Dying Fetus, Cattle Decapitation and many more.

In 2017 we started working on our second album Devoratis, together with Yuma van Eekelen for recordings and Stefano Morabito did the mix and mastering. It’s been a great team to work with and the result is very satisfying already, and it’s not even out yet!

This seems ambitious, but you stated on your social networks that 2018 will be your biggest year to date. Apart from the release of your album, can you tell us more about your upcoming projects for 2018? Kevin: We have a bunch of release shows at the beginning of next year, together with our friend of Bleeding Gods who will also be releasing their album in January! They just signed with Nuclear Blast so they will have plenty material out there before time as well. Check them out, great new Dutch band! We are also working on some extensive tours together with our agent at Doomstar Bookings. I can’t go into details yet, but it’s going to be something bigger then we have done up to now.

You’re going to release your second full length, Devoratis, on January 22nd 2018, via Ultimate Massacre Productions. Can you please tell us more about it? What kind of songs can we expect on this release? Kevin: People that know us already, know that we have a certain sound. Somewhere in between traditional Death Metal classics and a more modern touch. So the sound is more distinctive on Devoratis, the biggest growth would be the variation in the songs. Our first album Prime Incursion was a hard hitter without stopping. Devoratis offers more dynamics, different approaches, different vibes. And ofcourse the concept story to tie it all together.

Speaking of this new album, I’m sure that you guys have at least one funny story to tell us from your recording sessions. Am I right? Please say yes. Kevin: I went to Rome to work with Stefano on the mix and my wife came with me because she is a massive supporter of our work. We ended up having to make a decision about which guitar sound we wanted since we had 3 options. She was the deciding factor in this, she made the remarks that made us make the right choice. My wife doesn’t do anything with music or producing, but she made the album sound like it does, technically.

To finish, what is one lesson you’ve learned that you think is important to pass onto other bands? Kevin: Work hard, think things through, collaborate with other bands where you can. I think these are the most important things. Don’t act entitled, appreciation will come from others if you do well.

Devoratis preorders are now available at:www.ultimatemassacre.com/store

Picture: John Van Der Zee

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