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Meet the French metalcore band, Ghost Anthem!

Unmissable band of the French metalcore scene, Ghost Anthem did not let itself be beaten down by the lockdown! After the release of their self-titled EP in February, the band not only took advantage of the last few months to work on a debut album, but also stocked up on merchandising for a comeback on stage in 2021. To learn more about the latest news from the band, discover our interview below!

Ghost Anthem

Hello Ghost Anthem! Thanks for taking time to answer a couple of questions for us! Can you quickly introduce your band to our readers?

We are a Parisian metal band created in 2017. Our inspiration mostly comes from metalcore and death melo genres, as well as heavy metal. Our lyrics are about important issues for our society through the prism of the individual and its contradictions. Our key message is: « Gnothi seauton (know yourself) ».

How do you manage your band in such a particular context?   

We had to change our plans due to the Covid-19 pandemic: after the release of our EP and several new songs ready for the stage, we had to postpone our concerts to 2021. We put our focus back to songwriting and are progressing well toward our objective: the album. We try to take it positively: we will be back on stage next year only, but with an even stronger set.

You revealed, in February 2020, your self-titled EP. Can you tell us a few words about this EP?

This EP sets the direction we want to take. A modern, powerful sound, with guitars in foreground and samples that build a rich universe. The singing is versatile and contrasted, alternating both clear and screaming parts. The lyrics speak about introspective themes such as responsibility, self-acceptance, melancholia… We speak about important society issues through the angle of the individual.

How would you describe your usual writing process?

Romain, our guitarist, create the base of the song with a theme in mind. We then seat around the table, discuss the instrumental parts and structures, while having in mind singing intentions. In parallel, our singer starts writing the lyrics and singing along to the different parts. After a series of iterations, we gradually get to a final version. We always try to have a global vision on our songs instead of doing it part by part.

On the occasion of its release, you worked with Distrolution Merch to duplicate your CDs and print your t-shirts. Can you talk about your experience with them?

Our experience with Distrolution Merch was great. Beyond the quality of the products and reasonable costs, we really enjoyed the assistance of the team, who has experience and gave us valuable advices. Finally, we were able to produce more “environmentally and socially responsible” t-shirts, which was important to us.

Ghost Anthem

Distrolution Merch also had the honor of making your new backdrop. Do you already have concerts planned for 2021?

So far, we have been using it as a backdrop for some of our videos! But in 2021, we will use it in some really cool venues. For instance, the Ferrailleur in Nantes for the Nantes Metal Fest, which was postponed to December 2021. We are confident that the vaccine will help for a restart around next summer.

Ghost Anthem - Backdrop

Speaking of concerts, is there a concert that has particularly marked you since the creation of your band? If yes, which one?

Our concert at the Bataclan was obviously a memorable moment: playing in this venue is always special and bands do not play every day on such a large stage! We also really enjoyed our live at the Maroquinerie in 2018: we were proud of our set and the audience was on fire!

To end this interview, can we talk about your future projects?

We are doing good progress on our next songs and our album is slowly emerging. We will keep the same spirit as in the EP, but more live-oriented. We also gained in maturity on many dimensions, such as on singing. We will release a few singles on the way, which will reflect the identity of our next album. We also hope to get back on stage as soon as possible: it remains our number one priority. Stay tuned! And meanwhile: let’s take care of ourselves and others.

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