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Meet the melodic death metallers Bloodshot Dawn!

Another day, another interview! I’m really happy to announce that I got the chance to talk to the UK death metallers Bloodshot Dawn. Learn more about the band’s album ‘Reanimation‘, out since January 12th 2018!

Bloodshot Dawn

Picture: Zelenŷ Caj

Hello Bloodshot Dawn, how are you all doing? Thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for us, at Distrolution! Can you please tell us who is in your band and how did you put it together? 

Josh McMorran – Vocals/ Guitar
Morgan Reid – Guitar/ Vocals
Giacomo Gastaldi – Bass
James Stewart – Drums 

The band recently had a shift in ranks with Josh being the only original member. Each member was picked due to their incredible talents on their instruments 3 true virtuoso players

You’ve been in the music industry for almost 15 years now. How do you think your band and music has evolved over the years? The band started very early on before I personally had developed as a song writer and guitarist so for me the band has evolved with me as a player. I’ve grown as the band has and we have gone from a local band to an international band. 

From the release of our first album 2012 to now we have begun to focus our style and sound to try and create our own thing. 

Back in November, you released your first single ‘Survival Evolved’, taken from your forthcoming album. Can you tell us more about this track? What’s the story behind it? Survival Evolved is a part of the concepts behind the album artwork. Essentially it is a sci Fi story in which humanity has opened up a portal they shouldn’t have and unleashed an alien Titan upon the earth to cleanse the earth of anything that is a threat to its existence. It’s about how nature fights back to defend the planet as one and that us humans could follow this example to continue coexisting on earth.

What about your album ‘Reanimation’, out since January 12th 2018? Can you please let us know what kind of songs we can expect? Expect a blend of dark, spacey, groove and a lot of brutality. But this is still a BD record so expect the normal amount of shred/blasts/screaming to get the blood pumping.

I also saw that you’re playing a lot of shows. Does your band have any funny live story that you could share with our readers? Apart from your album, what are your other plans for 2018? Where to start truly. The current line up is a bit new so we haven’t had a chance for much madness.

Probably one of the funniest things was on tour with Aborted. It was our last show on the tour and Sven (singer of Aborted) offered to come on stage and sing a song with us… at least we thought. So we got him on stage during our final song and he started to excite the crowd… instead of making a noise he unplugged our microphones. The rest of the band then started to take down the cymbals and generally annoy us. Needless to say we got them back by cling filming Sven into a straight jacket during an aborted song and attacking the drummers sub drop pad haha!  

As for plans in 2018 we plan to hit a new continent (maybe two) and play atleast 100 shows in support of our new album!! We want it to be the band’s busiest year yet and we definitely have the fire power to do so.

Thank you so much for your time, guys. Please don’t forget to check the band’s new album ‘Reanimation’!

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