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Meet the thrash metal band, LomoR!

It is not every day that we have the opportunity to interview a band from Reunion Island. We are delighted to introduce you guys to the thrash metal band LomoR. Check out our interview below!


Hello LomoR, thanks for your time. Would it be possible to introduce your band to our readers, as well as your roles in it?

Babouk: Hi, I’m Eric (aka Babouk), guitars and vocals from Lomor. We formed in July 2019 with Gurvan (aka Typhus, drummer) and myself. We had organized and participated with other passionate musicians in a « Tribute to Slayer » in early 2019 at StudioTic in Reunion Island. The desire to create the Lomor project was born at that time. For 6 months we started to compose. Then in February 2020, Micha (aka Micha ;-), bass player) joined us. The challenge was quite tense because the first show of Lomor was already scheduled for April 11, 2020! Date fatally canceled following COVID-19, but which also left time for the band to refine the compositions and their arrangements.

With a worldwide pandemic going on, how have you handled the management of your band over the past few months?  

Babouk: Well, we live on Reunion Island where the situation is less tense. We underwent a 2-month confinement between March and April indeed, but since May 2020 we had the chance to do a few dates: a private concert for a friend’s birthday, a residence in a famous large hall here (Le Kabardock). And also the first part of a large seated rock concert, on the legendary stage of the « Théatre de Plein Air » in Saint-Gilles. So, we were quite satisfied with the situation …

But it is sad but true that the situation has worsened and that now nothing is possible… for now…

How would you describe the thrash metal scene in the Reunion Island?

Babouk: The metal scene in general is quite intense here. We have the chance to have some good bands: The Hill Is Burning, Warfield, Behind Our Reflections, Cyatik, Vacuum Road, Feed The Ire… And some good festivals of Rock and Metal: « Rock à la Buse », « La Nuit de Kal »! But Thrash is less present here. To me, thrash IS metal and it is my natural feelings of evil music, lol! I think that we are, with Cyatik, the only bands in Reunion assimilated to Thrash…

You have recently revealed your debut single, titled “Kanyar L’Enfer”. What’s the story behind this song?

Babouk: It’s a song talking about events and riots that have often taken place on the island in controversial towns and neighborhoods. But which bear witness to fundamental problems on social aspects, quality of life, feelings of domination by some, etc. We wanted to add a slightly more mystical side with satanic references specific to the style. And it gives “Kanyar L’Enfer” which can be translated as « Bad Guys from Hell ». It’s also a little nod to « Cowboys from Hell » by Pantera.

Could you please describe your usual writing process?

Babouk: Most of the time, we look for guitar riffs that we like and we set the drums on the different parts. We arrange, we modify, we adjust… We take the opportunity to also place the bass lines at this time. Then I work on the lyrics and the placement of vocals on each part. At the end when we have all the components, we can readjust and/or modify slightly the sequences, the arrangements…

Are you guys currently working on an upcoming album?

Babouk: Yes, we have a next big project. We are really motivated by the encouragement from those around us and the first people who saw us on stage. Their positive feedback on our work makes us want to try to take things further. So, we’re working on an EP, maybe a full album, by the end of the year or early next year. Stay tuned!

I am currently looking for new bands to discover. What’s your favorite song/band right now?

Babouk: In 2019, Gurvan introduced me to “Violator”, a damn good band from Brazil. It’s not just Sepultura out there!!! We like this band so much that we do a cover of their song “Death Descend (Upon This World)” during our shows. I also discovered “Chaos” from India: they are worth seeing!!

Typhus: Hi, this is Gurvan. (I’m just passing by). I have discovered Wormrot – Voices (album) lately. Terrible!

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Babouk: Well, come and discover Lomor, a thrash band from Reunion Island. Old School Thrash Metal!

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