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Meka Nism talk about their EP “War Inside”!

I am very happy today, to introduce you Orlando florida’s metal band, Meka Nism. Thanks to the guitarist Bobby, to tell us more abour their EP “War Inside”.

Hello. Many thanks to take your time to answer few questions for Distrolution. Typical ask, I know, could you introduce yourself and your band?

Bobby: My name is Bobby Keller, and I am the guitar player for Meka Nism. We are based out of Orlando, Florida, and just released our new ep “The War Inside”. Our band is comprised of Ms. Meka (vocals), Jarret Robinson (Bass), Chris Lane (Drums), and Jay Adkisson (Keys).

For people who don’t know you, how would you describe your music?

Bobby: Our music is definitely unique. The evolution of our sound is definitely more mature now. Our music is full of melodic moments, as well as heavy moments, but the real secret to us, is our message. We try to really promote positivity in our lyrics that Meka writes, and help people find the positivity in their lives.

Let’s talk about the line-up. How did you all meet?

Bobby: I first met Meka back in 2010, when we partnered up and got the band in the current form it is today. Meka had been living in Japan for three years, playing over 150 shows over there, and wanted to form a metal band here in Orlando. Over time, we managed to gather the members we have today and it’s been a perfect fit.


Can you tell us more about « The War Inside » EP ?

Bobby: The War Inside covers a lot of different topics for sure like, depression, suicide, external and internal battles that we all deal with, and the outside pressures we all face on a daily basis. We attack these subjects and try to show people that there is always a way out, there is always a positive to a negative. Our music has a real message to help people, and we take it very seriously.

What is the writing and composition process within the group?

Bobby: Usually, me, jay, and/or chris come up with some sort of riff or key part. We all like to sit down and arrange it then Meka will come in with vocals. After that, we may re-structure the song to fit the vocals. We like to collaborate as a group and everyone is involved at some point.

Where does the inspiration come from?

Bobby: It’s tough to say exactly where it comes from. We pull from a lot of different areas of music, but anything can inspire us.

Can you tell us about the recording and mixing of this album?

Bobby: We recorded the EP in Lubeck, Germany, at LSD studios with Lasse Lammert. He is a phenomenal producer/engineer and made us feel right at home. He really took our sound to another level and captured our signature tones. Especially with the guitars, the tone is unreal and the best I’ve ever had.

Who did the artwork and how was it inspired?

Bobby: The artwork was actually something I did. Meka and I talked about some different ideas and honestly, it was something that just kind of came together, rather easily. The more I worked on it, the more it made sense and fit the ideas behind the EP. A lot of people really like it, so that makes us happy.

How’s the metal scene going in Orlando?

Bobby: The metal scene here in Orlando is amazing. There is so much talent here, and a lot of up and coming bands. Everyone in the scene here supports one another and we are a huge family. I think that is what separates our scene from others, the fact that we are all here supporting each other and helping makes the success rate for everyone go higher than it would if we were all just competing against ourselves.

It’s the end of the world; you can only bring one cd, which one would it be?

Bobby: Oh man, that is tough. There are so many CD’s that I love and play on repeat, but if I had to pick one CD, I would have to go with Metallica Ride the Lightning.

On which stage/festival would you dream to play? And with which artists?

Bobby: I know for all of us, as we have all talked about it, we would love to play Wacken in Germany or some of the bigger European Festivals. We honestly would probably play with anyone to play at Wacken, haha.

Any last word for your fans?

Bobby: We want to thank you and Distrolution for having us! Thank you to all of our fans, family, and friends for the incredible amount of support so far on the release of “The War Inside”. It is available on every major music platform, iTunes, Spotify, etc. Also, make sure to check out our website for everything Meka Nism at www.meka-nism.com

Once again, on behalf of the Distrolution team, a big thank you for this interview.


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