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Metalcore band Faminehill talks about their upcoming LP!

Tamas Stefan, from the metalcore band Faminehill, took some time to answer a few questions for us. Learn more about the bands upcoming debut LP, ‘Ascend’, out on April 5th!


Hello Faminehill, thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for Distrolution! Could you please, as a start, list all your band members, as well as their roles in the band?

Hi, thanks for having us! There’s five of us, Zsolt Baranyi on the drums, Adam Sarog playing the bass guitar. Gergely Kovacs playing the guitar, Milan Rockov is the lead vocalist. And me, Tamas Stefan doing the clean vocals and playing guitar.

How would you describe the metalcore music scene in Hungary?

It is really great actually, we are so lucky to have a strong and supportive scene here! We have plenty of venues and promoters supporting the underground scene, so we really have nothing to worry about. There are great bands doing their thing too, in Budapest there are shows almost every month, so it’s all great.

You guys will release your debut LP, ‘Ascend’, on April 5th. Can you tell us more about this upcoming release?

Well, this is our first LP, but not just for that, this record really means a lot to all of us. Our sound changed a bit since the past releases, the songs are very personal. And for us, this is the best thing we ever created, so we are really excited to put it out. Also, we’ve got signed to Famined Records which is amazing. They make everything a hundred times easier, it’s a pleasure working with them. 

What kind of songs can we expect on this LP?

In this record, the songs turned out heavier than our past releases. But they are still melodic at some parts, just like the first single ‘Ruin’.  In the past, we always wanted to write songs that kind of fit the faminehill style we started back in 2013. But now, we just wrote songs that we love, so the process was very smooth and natural, and I’m really happy how it turned out. 

How was the recording process? Any funny story to share with us, from your recording sessions?

The recording process this time was different, I did the recording at my home studio, all parts separately, so unfortunately this time we did not have everyone in the same room at the same time. But I think this was a better way for us to track everything as good as we can. Honestly, there isn’t any story I could tell, but I can tell you that guitar recordings are painful. But the vocals are always fun,  I could make a whole song with funny takes of Milan’s vocals.

Let’s talk about the lead single, “Ruin”. Was it, according to you, the song that best reflects the spirit of this upcoming record?

Ruin is one of the most personal stories we wrote a song about. I personally don’t think that Ruin reflects the spirit of the record best, but It’s definitely one I wanted people to hear fist. It has similar vibe to our older songs, but it’s more aggressive at some parts. The song is about the passing of a family member, and dealing with others while you’re fighting the pain. Lyrically, it’s kind of a dark point of view, but the record has some brighter ones too.

The last words are for you. If you have a message for your fans, here’s your chance!

I hope they’ll like the upcoming record and I hope they’ll find something in the songs that they can relate to. Also, thank you everyone for reading this Interview, and thank you for asking us!

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