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Metallers Kingcrown discuss live shows and upcoming record!

David AMORE, drummer of the French power metal band Kingcrown, took time to answer a couple of questions for us. Between live shows and the recording of their upcoming record, the band is definitely busy!

Picture by Esther W.Pink

Hello Kingcrown. Thanks for your time! Would you mind introducing your band to our readers?

I’m David AMORE, drummer for Kingcrown. We are a French power metal band.

The first thing I noticed while checking your socials is that you’re often playing live shows, not only in France but also abroad. How do you manage your personal life and life on tour? Not too difficult?

For me, no, there is nothing difficult, music is my passion, the drums give me immense pleasure, I could not conceive of living serenely without what my group gives me. We get along very well, and have a good time working together, traveling. We like to meet new people and each concert is a unique moment. Of course, we have a profession with which it is sometimes difficult to negotiate days to go to a concert.

Best advice you’d give to a band or an artist who’s about to go on tour for the first time?

Have fun, enjoy, have a good time, but don’t forget that you also have to please the people who see you on stage. Give everything you have in your heart to transmit to them this pleasure that you feel deep inside you.

Do you manage your own bookings, or do you work with booking agencies?

Jo and I are lucky to have a friend for nearly 40 years, Jeep, who had his Booking agency, he too is passionate, he has now stopped his “Rock City” agency, but he continues to work for us… We owe him everything! He is the 6th member of the band.

From all the shows you played over the years, is there one that really stood out to you? If yes, which one and why?

Honestly, it’s a very difficult question, the choice is complicated. There are the shows that have marked us with prestige, a big stage, great equipment, an audience as far as the eye can see. There are more modest shows but where the welcome of the enthusiasts who organize was unforgettable by their kindness. I would quote, Wacken or Hellfest for prestige. The 70000 Tons Of Metal for magic. Dubai, Tel Aviv, or Portugal for the reception. I won’t be able to make a choice.

You released 3 albums since 2018. Where do you usually find your inspiration?

Inspiration comes naturally, it’s a mixture of emotions, experiences, what we are experiencing at that time, current events; joys, sorrows…

How would you describe your usual writing process and how do you split the roles between the different band members?

Often, the theme of a song comes through the emotion or the feeling that the melody or the rhythm of the instrumental version or the melody of the song provides. Everyone offers their ideas at each moment of the composition process.

Can we expect another release in the near future?

The next album is being recorded, it promises something excellent, in the continuity of what we did before but with a certain positive evolution. Inevitably, we have got used to working together, automatisms have settled between us, which means that we have a lot of ideas.

The last words are for you. If you have any other projects in the making or a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Yes, thank you for this interview, thank you to those who follow us, who support us. We will be delighted to meet you at our next concerts.

We actually have other projects, notably Jo and I have a Solo project with other musicians, the group is called A&MORE.

I hope this never ends. I love making music, I love metal and the whole metal community. Too bad that this music lacks visibility on the French media because this music is good for health, good for morale. Long Live Rock’n’roll, Long Live Metal!

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