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Video interview with Septicflesh @ Hellfest 2018!

Among all the bands we met and interviewed at the Hellfest, I got the chance to sit down with Seth from Septicflesh. A very interesting discussion that taught me a lot about how they work within the band. Seth also told us more about his passions for music and art. Learn more about it in the following interview!

You’re playing on the Temple stage tonight. What state of mind are you in before you go on stage? Any pressure? No, no! Not any habits! I mean, you know? I think it’s the fourth or fifth time that we play at the Hellfest, so that means that you know… We are already prepared to destroy it. As always at the Hellfest, because it’s always a special show and all the time, it’s fucking great!

I know that each new album is a challenge for bands to surpass themselves. How would you describe, today, your last album “Codex Omega”? Eh… regarding “Codex Omega”, I think that you know, Septicflesh, we are trying, for each album, all the time, to give our best. You know? Everything was… I mean, we try to combine everything that we have from the previous album, from our previous releases to add some new elements, plus some… you know? Possibly modern ideas with a classical composition and orchestra. So, I think at the end, “Codex Omega”, for sure, it’s one of the most let’s say… well organized and really is a massive result compared with the previous albums that we had. I think it combines the whole discography of Septicflesh, “Codex Omega”.

Septicflesh - Codex Omega - Artwork

How would you describe the writing process for this album? The writing process is always the same in Septicflesh. We are… the good thing, the positive thing is that we work as a team, we work as a factory. I mean, like you know… It’s like one engine with many, you know, small engine parts that each one of us brings some tracks and some ideas, and then we combine everything together. The main composers, me, Chris, Sotiris and Kerim, our new member. In “Codex Omega”, I think we… We worked really hard to have this result. Each one of us prepare many tracks. We made a new selection and it’s a great work of Jens Bogren. You’ve had the final result!

I realized that you guys are really hard-workers. But do you have any funny moments in the studio or during rehearsals? Unfortunately, no! We don’t have many funny moments, because you know… You said it! We work really hard, so when you work hard, you don’t have time to be funny, you know?

Faced with the growing success of your albums, don’t you feel a strong pressure, from both your fans and media? Because each time, you indeed have to surpass yourselves to offer something even better than the previous release. How do manage everything? Yeah, actually, it’s a good stress! It’s a stress that makes you always to… you know? To become better! To always, let’s say, don’t be calm and sleeping with the things that you already made. And always have to… have to remind that you have to respect the people that are listening to your music, or you know, they ask that you express you know… all the time! So, I think that this is what keeps Septicflesh alive! This challenging move!

You worked once again with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Has it become some kind of partnership on Septicflesh’s albums? Exactly, yes! Regarding Prague. Because we used… we started to use this great Orchestra for… since “Communion”, since 2008. The result was great and then since that, “The Great Mass”, “Titan” and “Codex Omega”. We just want to have this… let’s say this stable cooperation with them, because they are good musicians, they’re really professional, they… They know how to, you know, to have this great atmosphere and combine it with the… the metal music! And for sure, we will continue to work with them in the near future!

Your artwork is always beautiful, where does this inspiration come from? The inspiration… Eh… As I said before, we are… You know, Septicflesh is working like we have our own factory. And when I say factory, it’s because everything that has to do with art, it’s from ourselves. I mean, we make the music, my brother makes, you know, the arrangements and the classical compositions for the Orchestra. I make, excepted music, I work also for the… to visualize everything. I make the artworks, and actually, this is my main work although I’ve created many artworks for many bands. The inspirations, always, it’s something that is never-ending, you know? I studied Fine Arts, so you know, it’s my work, it’s something that is part of my life. That’s it!

If you had to choose between drawing/designing things and singing. What would you pick? Difficult question. Right now, I can’t, I can’t separate these things. I mean, I really like what I’m doing right now and I don’t want, you know, to say that I prefer to make artworks or to paint, or to play bass and sing with Septicflesh. I like, you know, this formula that I have right now!

Are there bands you admire and with whom you have never shared the stage before? Yeah, we’ll see that! You know, there is a band that I totally admire, it was two bands actually. It’s Dead Can Dance, which is not metal, and Paradise Lost. So, with both of them, we had, well I had, the great pleasure to cooperate. Because, we played together with Dead Can Dance in a big theater, in Rockwave Festival. And regarding Paradise Lost, I’m really happy and it was a great honor, because I made four artworks for them. So I feel, you know? Completed! With these two things!

All these dates, tours etc. It must be really exhausting. How are you holding up? It’s the only way! If you want… If you want, you know, to keep the band alive, and to continue playing, and people… You know? To start knowing your music, you have to always tour! And this is really important. It’s part of our life right now, and we will continue make it!

We are talking about touring right now. If you had to pick one show, since the beginning of the band, is there one that has really marked your mind, or not? It’s many shows that we’ve made and who were amazing. Many shows! Especially in France, especially in France!

Would you mind talking about Septicflesh’s upcoming projects for 2018? What can we expect from your band? Well, right now, we… What I know is that we are negotiating with adding some new touring in Europe and in the United States. Possibly also gaining South America, later. And I have to say also that we already started working for the new album! Slowly, slowly!

Do you know when we can expect this album? 2019, hopefully? Possibly, possibly! At the end or at the beginning. You know, I don’t know yet!

The last words are for you. If you have a message to get across, it’s now! I want to say that we are really happy that we are still continuing playing since 90s. I have to say… big, big, big thank you to France because really, France is one of the main countries that shows support to Septicflesh since the beginning. Because all these years that we’ve played since 1990, we were with French labels, Holy Records, Season Of Mist. So, we are really connected with France! So, from, you know… I want to say big, big thank you to the whole France, for this support!

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