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Corbillard talk about their 10th anniversary and upcoming record!

Belgian punks Corbillard took some free time to answer a few questions for us. Learn more about the band’s 10th anniversary, as well as their upcoming record, “Temps Mort” in the following interview!


Hello Corbillard, thanks for your time. How are you doing in such a crazy time?

Hey, first of all, thank you for giving us the opportunity to be heard!

Even though the living situation has been tough for so many people, we honestly cannot complain about it. We haven’t been sick, we’re alive and well so that’s the most important thing. Like every touring bands, we had to cancel lots of shows, a tour in France and Spain. And also delayed the release of our upcoming record. So obviously, we’ve been feeling pretty down about all that. But what we miss the most is being on and off stage together, meeting people, talking and debating about everything, then forgetting about it later the same night…

You’re celebrating your tenth anniversary this year. Looking back, what is your best memory with your band?

Yes, ten years is a magical number for a lot of bands. It’s pretty tough to pick one memory especially with the changes in our line up for the past few years but we can state a few like.

  • Playing the beachstage of punkrock holiday in 2017
  • Touring in Canada, the reunion Island, eastern Europe, …
  • Opening for legendary band like Vodoo Glow Skull, A Wilhelm Scream,…

And every time we play, we have the chance to make even better memories so we hope to keep up at this pace!

You’ll soon release your upcoming record, titled “Temps Mort”. How long have you worked on this release?

Well, we’ve been rehearsing the last year and a half with our new line up. Learning a new full live set alongside with 12 new songs for an upcoming record was a lot of work. But with Nico and Simon joining the band, we easily found the energy to move forward as fast as we could. That’s how we’ve been able to record the whole project in 3 weekends. Between shows and party, recording sometimes up to 15 hours in a row.

We’ve recorded mixed and mastered everything through our drummer Laurent in his studio. So we’ve been pretty lucky to be able to put so much time in the process, especially for the mix and master. Laurent lives in Austria now so we really were on a tight schedule. Then, when the lockdown has been announced, we had to sit down and think about the release (at first, we had a release party on the 6th of June). We decided to postpone everything so we could have the time to really push the production to the limit.

And we’re super happy with the result, so in a way, we’re glad to have had more time! The result really reflects the influences and reach the expectations of each member of Corbillard, we couldn’t’ have asked for more than that.

As a preview you’ve also revealed a music video for your song “Les Cibles”. Can we talk about the powerful music video?

Temps Mort is a really dark and powerful record. We try to combine our love of life with our disgust of the actual world we are in, which is not easy to do. We feel like everywhere you look, something is about to blow up, somebody is about to get killed, someone is getting oppressed, discriminated and such. So the video for “Les Cibles” sums up all the rage that is being expressed by an oppressed population without a voice, without a choice. Cause money is the gangrene that drives this corporate fucked up world. We sincerely hope that we’ll get our shit together and realize that we are on this planet for something else than profit and start acting human again.

You also plan on getting back on stage on August 29th for the Useless Fest in France. You guys must be excited to be able to play live again after so many months being stuck at home.

Yes, as I said, it’s been really tough to be out of this amazing punk rock scene for the past few month. We live for it and cannot wait to be on stage again to feed to crowd with the energy and passion we have for it. We couldn’t be more thrilled to start again at the Useless Fest. An amazing organization, with great bands like Guerilla Poubelle, Burning Heads, Poésie Zéro…

So yeah, come and check it out. I’s gonna be a heavy show with a massive after party for everyone involved. Cause we’ve missed it so freaking much.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Well, thanks to everyone who have been involved in the making of this new record. Thanks to everybody that follow us, to everyone that support the scene, the music, the passion, we wouldn’t be here without all of you.

Respect and help each other, understand the wrong that there is in the world today. And do what you can to make it right. We’re in this together, let’s get out of this corrupt system as one. We love this scene, we love this music and we will fight for it and for the chance to see one day, a brighter tomorrow.

Thanks for your time!

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