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Deep Merries talk about “Worth the Run” and tour dates!

We’re back with a brand new interview, introducing you guys this week to the French punk rockers Deep Merries. Between the release of their music video for “Worth the Run” and their upcoming tour in Thailand, the guys are definitely busy but still managed to answer a few questions for us!

Picture by Alexis Fontaine (IG)

Hello Deep Merries, thanks for your time. Would it be please possible to introduce your band to our readers?

Hey everyone! We are Deep Merries, Punk’n’Roll band from Lyon, France. We have been playing together since 2014, and our fourth record came out at the beggining of the year. We like tacos, jokes and playing Fifa. And we also play music in our spare time.

How would you personally describe the French punk rock scene?

Resurgent. Mid 2000’s, there was a huge pop punk movement, with a lot of cool local french bands such as Spark Gap, Fly 101, The Slugz (self promotion), The Mis(s)takers (again), The Overjoyed and more. Then the hype came down in the last decade. But since 2020, a lot of new punk rock / pop punk artists are breaking out, which we are definitely stoked about! Maybe it is the new emo-rap trend that tends to bring back rock music for the new generation? We don’t know exactly what it is, but it looks like punk rock is back, hell yeah!

You’ve recently revealed your music video for “Worth the Run”. What’s the story behind this song?

We bought a PS5, and since we did not have three controllers, we hade no other choice than put Fifa aside and go back to writing music. Summer was almost there, and we wrote something with fun and sunny vibes. We are punk rock lovers, but we also listen to a lot of rock’n’roll. This is a mix of the two genres, in the style of bands like Jet for exemple.

We tried to create an anthem halfway between the power and efficiency of pop-punk, and the more swinging, groovy side of rock’n’roll. The lyrics of this song are about a love story with a girl on a dancefloor.

The video was short in Los Angeles (Santa Monica / Venice Beach) in 2022. Can you share this experience with us?

First, yes the experience was as crazy and exciting as it looks! At this day, it is still difficult for us to realise what we have been able to accomplish. It has been possible mostly thanks to our good friend and ex bassist Fanny, who is still part of the project as our tour manager. This girl makes the impossible come true. Thanks to her determination and contacts, everything came together with so much ease. Everything started with a drink at the Trokson (legendary punk rock bar in Lyon); « guys, wouldn’t it be crazy to tour in the US?».

Next thing you know, Fanny was on it. Six month later, after dozens of emails and calls, everything was planned. No turning back! We worked really hard on this, but it was all worth it. The idea of the music video basically came from the need for us to keep track of this crazy journey.

This single is taken from your EP “Worth the Run”. How would you describe your writing process for this EP?

Once again, with this EP, we really wanted to get our punk rock and old school rock’n’roll influences to work together. Create something original, that represents us. That was far from easy, because traditional rock’n’roll is very codified and hard to write in a different way, without turning it into a more garage punk style. We had to embrace the « doo wap » side of it, to write tracks such as The Killer Show (which is a tribute to Jerry Lee Lewis). It was a real pleasure to explore this mix of two different worlds, two genres, but for our next record, we will probably go back to something more punk, even if we keep some rock’n’roll influences.

You’re soon going to play as international headliners on the Phangan Rock Fest in Thailand. How excited are you? You also mentioned that other shows in Thailand will soon be announced!

It’s mental! I have a friend, JN, who used to play drums and sing in the french band Zephyr 21 (from Montpellier), and settled in Thailand a few years ago. He runs a festival there, and gives us the opportunity to play at the next edition. We will also play several other shows, to make the most of our stay in the country. The idea to go and play punk rock shows on the beach in January in the middle of the winter… that is crazy!

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Euuh wow euuuuh… ALLEZ AUXERRE!

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