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Ever heard of Eve Minor? Well, check out their interview!

Ever heard of Eve Minor? Well, hailing from NYC, Eve and her band mates offer an interesting mix of punk and alt rock. They recently unveiled a music video for “Heroin”, that I’m sure you’ll like. Eve was kind enough to answer a couple of questions for us. Check out what she had to say below!

Eve Minor

Hello, The Eve Minor! Thanks for your time! Would you mind introducing your band to our readers?

Will Harris on bass, Eric Browne on guitar, Anthony Locastro on drums , and of course we have an honorable mention for Mike Mulieri on lead guitars. He’s been with us since day one as a featured sub. As it stands, we are auditioning a new lead guitar player, so that should be announced soon. Me, Eve minor, vocals/keys and buns live LOL!

How would you describe your sound, overall?

At the core it’s really punk rock. We all grew up listening to Choking Victim and that’s where I think a lot of our ska/punk influence comes from. There’s of course varied influences, the back beat is influenced by Wu Tang on heroin particularly. There’s a lot of rock and hip hop happening in heroin, but it’s subtle. Overall, I think it’s best described as alternative, but it’s hard to say because sonically it’s pulled from so many genres and bands which we all love and enjoy.

How’s the music scene in NYC?

It’s incredible. NYC is the gritty, it’s the raw. We play a lot of incredible varied genre shows, but our last gig in BK was one of my favorites. Huge shoutout to Trashy, Scarboro, and Anxious Anxious-some really great bands thriving in the punk scene. In December we performed Heroin with Ghostface Killah of the Wu-Tang; which is as NY Hip hop as it gets. NYC continues to inspire me and I think a lot of the music that’s happening now is really innovative on the underground.

You recently released a music video for your song “Heroin”. How was the shooting experience?

Will and I went into a lot of places we hang out and that are prominent staples in NY. We had so much fun. I think I had the most fun just running around NY and BK and dancing and singing and being disrespectful. Jumping on park benches and off high places. It’s a self directed, produced and edited video; I believe it makes that much more fun.

Let’s focus on this song. What is it about and where did you find the inspiration?

This song was originally a slower acoustic song. Most of the songs I just create by myself on piano or guitar and then if I’m excited enough about them we’ll all chime in. The video is it’s own beast. I definitely pulled from a lot of the beastie boys videos, and early skate videos. Beagle (professional skater) was kind enough to let us use his dog, Murdy in the film, so that was really great.

Would you mind sharing the rest of your plans for 2019 with our readers?

We are playing Punk Island in June, and have a few festivals and a summer tour lined up. We will be releasing more music videos and have plans to release a few more songs, at the very least. I think at this point I just want to connect more with my fans and tour and meet everyone.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

I just want to say thank you to everyone who supports me and continues to support me. Thank you to my haters, I will continue to piss you off and win. My minor militia, I love you so. Follow me on instagram.com/eveminor for alot of frequent updates and debauchary, facebook.com/eveminormusic, twitter.com/eveminor, spotify: eve minor. And check out my personally curated looks and vibes on amazon.com/shop/eveminor! Thank you I love you all!

Picture by richardwarrennyc

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