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Friday’s Spirit discuss newest single, “A Moment to Be Seen”

Two years after the release of their single “For All That’s Left”, Salzburg, Austria-based punk rockers Friday’s Spirit are back with a brand new single, titled “A Moment to Be Seen”, underlining their musical punk rock ancestry. The guys were kind enough to answer a couple of questions linked to this new release! Check out the full interview below!

Friday's Spirit

Picture by Art of Sight Productions

Hello Friday’s Spirit, thanks for your time. Would it be possible to introduce your band to our readers?

Hey thanks for having us. We are a punk rock band based in Salzburg, Austria. We are making music since 2012 and this year, we are releasing our third album/EP, called “Skin and Bones”.

How would you describe the Austrian punk rock scene in general?

Even though it’s still a small scene in Austria, it has been growing since the last 2 years. More bands are making this kind of music and many concerts for punk rock artists will take place in 2021 and 2022.

You’ve recently released your single, “A Moment to be Seen”. What’s the story behind this song?

For most of our songs there isn’t exactly one meaning. We also think that everybody who is listening to it should get their own idea especially for each individual life situation. Even inside the band each member thinks differently about the lyrics and that’s something we want to keep.

This song is taken from your upcoming EP, “Skin and Bones”. How long have you worked on it and when can we expect the release?

We started working on the EP in march 2020 when this whole pandemic came to Europe. We wanted to be creative in these times and keep the band together. We went to studio in autumn, so basically, we worked on it about half a year. The release date will be July 5th 2021.

Can we talk about the process of creating the artwork of your EP and the overall idea behind this visual?

When we talk about artworks for albums there are always many inputs from each band member. So the final result mostly is a combination of the different ideas, sometimes a bit weird to understand for non-band members. But we have a super cool artist called Laurence Crow who is always giving his best to make an impressive artwork out of this. So, in this case, the artwork of “Skin And Bones” represents parts of the lyrics of the album. But no there is no owl appearing in any of these songs.

Friday's Spirit - Artwork

I’m sure you are, like a lot of people, missing live shows. Do you already have some dates planned for 2021?

Recently we started planning shows for this year, the first one will be on June 11th at Rockhouse Salzburg. Maybe there will be some gigs in summer but everything in the culture scene still needs time to come back to normality.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

We hope you enjoy our new music as much as we do. Hopefully we see each other at concerts in the near future. Cheers!

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