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Full Full Full discuss the release of “The First Line”

Just in time for the release of their new single “The First Line”, French punk rockers Full Full Full got the opportunity to answer a few questions for us. Check out what we talked about below!

Full Full Full - Crédit Le Rock a Kiki

Picture by Le Rock à Kiki, l’émission (thanks guys!)

Hey Full Full Full! For those who might discover your band via this interview, would you mind introducing yourselves?

Hi guys!

Well, we are Full Full Full, a punk rock band from Lyon which was created a little before the pandemic, and which suddenly took a lot of delay on its calendar and its concerts ^^ But we intend to catch up on that, of course. The idea was to create a band without setting too many limits but with roots anchored in our common punk influences, like NOFX, Hot Water Music, Red City Radio. But being sure that we wouldn’t be able to do as well haha.

The band is made up of Ju on drums, Dom on bass, Fred on guitar, and Nico on guitar and vocals. But in fact everyone sings a little (more or less well but we try hard anyway haha).

You’re back with a new single, “The First Line”, out now on major streaming platforms. What’s the story behind this song?

Yes! we decided to release this song for several reasons. The first is that the song was ready ^^. Well, more seriously, we wanted to release this song because we really liked it and it represented new things for the band. Which we may talk about a little later.

It’s a special song for me. The song speaks of a very personal phase of my life but from a rather positive point of view. Which is new to me haha. It’s a “realizing your mistakes” song, in a way. And then, also a promise not to screw up again. But we managed to put a very positive meaning to all that and the result suits us well!

How would you describe your usual writing process, especially for this new single?

Oh you know we’re a punk rock band, we have absolutely no writing process! Haha.

But ok, in real life we are not that messy. The pandemic has been painful but it has allowed us to compose a lot. Really, really a lot. So we have a lot of songs that are recorded on our computers. And then, every once in a while, we do a little check and remind ourselves that there’s something to do with this piece of song or that one. And we start to think about the structure of the song and we finalize a first demo. Usually, there are no vocals or lyrics. We only work on them at the end. Once we like the demo, we go to the local to work on the structure. Then head to the recording studio. Often, we have no words until the last moment haha.

We are not very organized but it works well that way.

Your two songs “Seven Seas” and “The First Line” follow the release of your debut EP, back in 2021. Is there any chance we can expect the release of a second EP or a debut album this year?

Yes! That’s quite the idea! We wanted to do these two songs because we didn’t want to wait for a next album or EP. We wanted to release them quickly and as we liked. So we did. And I think that in the end, we would have been wrong to wait.
Now, we think we’re ready to release a new EP, and we actually have a few songs ready ^^. We obviously still have the lyrics that will be the surprise of the last moment. But now you know how it works.

We’re rehearsing the EP and we’re going to the recording studio in the coming weeks.

The difference this time is that we have a deal with a label to support the promotion of the EP. I don’t know if you noticed but we really suck for the promotion haha.

And we’re lucky to have found a really good label that understood what we wanted to do and followed us: engineer records! thanks guys by the way!

You got the opportunity to share the stage with really cool bands. Is there one show that really stood out to you? If yes, which one and why?

Yes, it’s true we were lucky! we played with really cool bands, and no assholes haha.

I admit that doing the opening for Belvedere was great. Mainly because it’s a band we listened to when we started making music. And above all, they are super nice guys. But it’s hard to choose just one band. We especially hope that we will still have the opportunity to play a lot, even if we are old ^^

But for the moment, we are really working on the EP, we are putting the concerts aside a bit. Even if we never refuse a gig (hey guys we’re here). And then, since we’re old, we also have to do a bit of cardio between gigs, haha.

The last words are for you. If you have any other projects in the making or a message to convey, here’s your chance!

I think the older you are, the more you like doing punk rock. But the less our bodies are okay with it. So we will continue as much as we can haha. Stay tuned we will keep you posted for the release of the EP!

Thanks to you Distrolution, it was really cool to give us the floor. A huge thank you!

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