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Fullcount talk about their new album, “Part of The Game”!

Quebec City skatepunkers Fullcount were nice enough to take some time to answer a few questions for Distrolution. Learn more about the band’s album, “Part of The Game”, out since October 12th. This release is indeed out via Lockjaw Records, Exoshop, Milestone Records, Mud Cake Recordsand Thousand Islands Records!


Hello, Fullcount, thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for Distrolution! Could you please, as a start, list all your band members, as well as their roles in the band? Of course Valentine! Fullcount is constituted of Chris (Vocals & Bass), Jessy (Drums & Back Vocals) and P-O, Max & Jp (Guitars & Back Vocals).

You guys have recently released your new album, “Part of The Game”. Can you tell us more about this release? Part of the Game follows our first record “Concessions & Compromises” which was released in 2014. The writing process for POTG was a bit different compared to our previous release. C&C was made with a handful of new songs and existing songs coming from our 2012’s EP that we rearranged a little bit for a 3 guitars configured band along with some line up changes, etc. On the other hand, POTG was written with the actual line-up right from the start. It was a fresh and inspiring start I must say. We discovered ourselves as a band even more on this record by moving into different moods and tempos we had not tried before. What you’re hearing is the most accurate portrait of our band’s sound right now.

How would you describe the overall sound of this new record? If we’d only use one word to describe POTG, I guess we’d say: “Wide”. One of the few things we kept hammering all along the writing process was to make each and every song different from each others without making any black sheep out of them. You can truly call it a skatepunk album even if you hear symphonic arrangements or witness a slower yet energetic song on this record. With a few steps back, the lyrics and the whole title meaning also glued the songs together even more than we would have expected. 

“Part of The Game” features guest appearances from many artists, such as Étienne Dionne (Mute), Alexis Paré (Cardinals Pride) and Émilie Plamondon (50 Shades of Punk Rock). How did this collaboration happen? First of all, they all are good friends of us and they also make part of our local scene here in Quebec city. It was important for us to collaborate with people who were not strangers to us. We had them in mind because we knew they were talented and that they would fit into the songs we had chosen them for. Their participation is certainly one of the best highlight we had experienced while recording this album. They were spot on, concerned about what they were delivering and having them around led to some enriching discussions and fun times.

It’s always hard to pick one song on a release, but from your personal point of views, which song is your favorite one on this album, and why? Giving only one person’s point of view would not reflect the whole band’s opinion at all. We all have our personal favourites I guess. 

PO: Ten Shots Deep is my top pick. I especially love the bridge in this song and the way it kicks in. It even has some of the coolest outro on the whole record.

Max: I really enjoy The Host for its overall groove and tempo. The lyrical side of this song reminds me that your inner demon(s) might come to the surface at any times.

Jessy: According to me, The Motion is sonically the best portrait of Fullcount’s sound so far. This song has a good balance overall. It has the right amount of aggresiveness, a solid intensity build-up all along the song, guitars and drums complement each others and catchy melodic vocals sit comfortably on the whole thing. Having Étienne Dionne’s voice on this song enhanced the while song as well.

Chris: Alter Ego for its musicality, richness and for being the most different song we have written so far as well as for its message conveyed in the lyrics. It totally reflects what a lot of people of our generation do go through nowadays.

Jp: I guess Alter Ego is one of my favourite song off POTG. Although it is the slowest song we have ever written, it has some of the richest riffs and melodies. The chorus always hit me right in the guts. I’m looking forward to playing this song live.

Are you happy with the feedback you received so far from both your fans and the media? Absolutely! We’ve got good coverage, a decent amount of reviews and rad support from our fans. Many people discovered us as well. It’s rewarding and motivating actually. 

How’s your collaboration with Lockjaw Records (UK), Thousand Islands Records, Exoshop (US/Canada), Mud Cake Records (Europe) and Milestone Records (Japan) going? We’re super stoked that these record labels jumped with us because they have faith in us and this record. They were all very collaborative right from the start. Although we had to deal with a tight release schedule, everyone involved made it so much easier. We have found solid partnerships in them and really hope to keep working with them in the future. Talented and passionate people run these labels. Surrounding yourself with such people can only lead you to successful stories.

The last words are for you. If you have a message for your fans, here’s your chance! To anyone who has purchased our new record, gave us their appreciation or supported us in any ways over the last weeks. Thank you for being part of the game.

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