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Get to know the Spanish pop-punks Upside Down!

After working with them, supporting them with their debut album… I’m happy to introduce you to the Spanish pop-punks Upside Down! Thanks to David (Drums), learn more about the band’s debut album and upcoming projects below!

Upside Down

Hey guys, how are you doing? It’s nice having you on Distrolution! So, I might be very familiar with your band, but maybe some Distrolution’s readers are not. Could you please introduce your band, as well as your roles in it? Hi! We are Upside Down, a band from Madrid (Spain). We are Alex (bass), Quique (Vocals & guitar), David (Drummer) and Angel (Guitar).

Your first album has become a real springboard for your band. Named ‘Scars are Forever’, this record has indeed attracted the attention of many media around the world. Could you please introduce your debut record? How long have you worked on it? Well, our album “Scars are Forever” is our first LP. It mixes the sound of the emo band’s, alternative rock and pop punk to create a fresh and different style. We were working on it mostly a year and we are really happy with the final result and the feedback from the people.

If you had to pick ONE song from this debut album, which one would you pick and why? I guess I’d personally choose ‘Do I Still Miss You?’ because of its catchy chorus! We would choose “Red Letter Days”. It is a really powerfull song with lots of emotions and meanings behind. We also had the big oportunity of filming  an awesome video in California for this song.

I know that you had the amazing chance of sharing the stage with ROAM. Can we talk about this amazing experience, especially for an unsigned band like yours? We had the chance of sharing stage 3 times and being with them in their tour. They are amazing musicians and in fact really nice people. It was something really good for us because we learnt a lot in only a few days.

Since the release of ‘Scars are Forever’, what have you been up to? Can we maybe expect a new release anytime soon? We have just finished our Spanish tour and we are trying to prepare some dates in Europe. We never stop working and composing new music so… Of course you can expect something new soon!

Thank you for your time David!

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