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Get to know the Spanish punks W.A.B.!

W.A.B. was born with one goal: to be brutal. Disappointed with the current rock ‘n’ roll scene, Drake Brenno and Aleksa Kaos decided to form an authentic underground band. With influences such as Discharge, GG Allin or Celtic Frost.


Hello W.A.B. Thanks for taking some time to chat with us! Could you please introduce yourselves, as well as your roles in the band?

Drake: I’m Drake Brenno, drums and lead vocals.

Alëksa: And I’m Alëksa Kaos, guitar and second vocals.

What’s the story behind your band? How did you guys meet and what made you want to start this band?

Drake: W.A.B. are a Brutal-Punk duo formed in the summer of 2017. After I was kicked out of my latest band I thought it was time to do things my way, so I started to chart a plan. What happened was that we met, we saw that we were compatible. And here, we’re with our mission: to destroy this fake rock ‘n’ roll.

Alëksa: We met at a festival where Drake was played with an old band. Already there you could see that he had projects in mind and we connected from the first moment. That same day we started to joke about make a band together. I was joking, sure, since I had never played an instrument, but after a few months he told me seriously and we started making noise in the garage. I learned to play the basics, our first songs started coming out… Now, we have released an album and we want to continue taking steps.

How would you describe the punk music scene in Spain?

Alëksa: with low self-love. The work of people who make music, who invests money and time in it, is very devalued. You’re supposed to do it for the love of art because in their “revolution” they see money as a bad thing. But we live in the money’s world. Give up it it’s like giving up the weapons in a war for being a pacifist. Because of that, most bands play in precarious conditions and often don’t cover expenses.

Drake: The punk scene is very politically correct, like most of the rock ‘n’ roll. People repeat slogans, a behaviors, a aesthetics… It seems that nobody thinks for himself. Actually there’s not much difference between the audience of a band like Rammstein and the audience of Miley Cyrus. Everything has been infected by the 21st century spirit.

You recently released your music video for the single “Human Bastards”. How was the shooting experience?

Drake: We recorded the video live on one of our first festivals. We call a friend, Juan, who was in charge of recording us. We really liked the end result and it’s having a positive reception.

Alëksa: Is the first video in which we appear, since the two previous ones were just montages. It was weird to see us in a music video.

This song is from your debut album “… And kill the worms”. Would you mind introducing this record to our readers?

Alëksa: The album is composed by our first songs and we have released it through our label Suburban Attack. On the internet we are releasing each song with a music video on our YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/TheWABOfficial). We also sell it in physical format through our website (www.thewabofficial.com).

How long have you worked on this release?

Alëksa: The album… It took us to record it around 2 months. We indeed recorded it ourselves in our garage while we learned how to do it. Drake always was one to be interested in sound themes, but I had no idea, so everything was going very slowly.

Drake: It was a exhausting experience. We didn’t have money to record in a studio, so we had to do it ourselves. We collect an old mixer, a sound card that cost us €50. And also some mics he had stolen years ago in high school. That was our recording equipment. Then came days and days of endless tests, many sound takes, even sleep there… It was exhausting, but great.

Would you mind sharing your upcoming projects for the rest of the year and 2019?

Drake: We’ll retire to a quiet area, far from the city, from the hustle and bustle, from people. We’ll wall off from everything until next summer that we will go on tour. We wanna have time to think, to understand how to work this “musical world”. Set ourselves goals, prepare the tours… But we like to take care of the details.

Alëksa: We’re not a band that simply plays and that’s it. No, for us it’s something more. I believe that a period of reflection it’ll be good for us. Then, as of the summer will come hard work. First we’ll do a Tour through Spain in May. And as of July, we will go out for the European Brutal Tour. We indeed want to be ready.

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