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Greg Rekus talks about being on tour and latest album!

After running an awesome PR campaign for this solo artist, we’re really happy to finally introduce him properly to our readers! Here’s Greg Rekus, talking about his latest release ‘Sibling Cities‘ and being on tour!

Greg Rekus

Hello Greg. Hope that you are doing good? Thanks so much for taking time to chat with us, at Distrolution! Could you please introduce yourself to our readers? Hey Everyone! I’m Greg Rekus! I’m a Punk Solo artist from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.  I’ve been playing solo for 7 years and I have 3 full length albums under my belt. I’ve played hundreds of shows and festivals across Canada, USA, Mexico and Europe. Punk Rock has always been in my heart. It has guided me through all the amazing adventures I’ve done and has lead me to meet some of the most amazing people in the world.

Let’s talk about your latest album ‘Sibling Cities’. Could you please introduce this record? What kind of songs can we indeed expect on it? “Sibling Cities” is my 3rd full length and was recorded by John Paul Peters (Royal Canoe, Comeback Kid Propagandhi) as engineer/producer. It picked up where my previous album “Punkoustic” left off with a full band and a bunch of high energy tracks and catch hooks that keep you singing along. The subject matter ranges from politics, life in general, relationship, sometimes all 3 together! “Sibling Cities” grabs your attention right away and keep it there taking your ears through a sonic rollercosters. Never knowing the next turn or when the tracks will drop from under you.

You just finished a European tour to promote the release of this album. What was your most beautiful concert so far? It’s hard to pick the best concert because shows big and small and all fun for different reasons. Every show was amazing but if I had to pick, the show in Lindau DE was one of my favorite on this tour. First off, I’m a huge fan of Propagandhi who headlined the show, so that was an amazing milestone. Iron Chic and the BombPops were also on the bill so it was almost more like a mini festival rather than a concert! So many of the shows on this tour were so much fun and the crowds, whether they were 100 people or 5 people. Made it feel like it was the last show they were going to see and gave back as much energy as I could put out.

Concerning the release of your album, as well as your tour. Are you happy with the feedback you received, from both your fans and the media? Very very happy with the feedback. I worked really hard on this album writing song after song and keeping only the best of the best. Really happy with how it turned out and have gotten so many compliments to the same effect. Some friends have even said it’s the best thing i’ve ever done and have kinda gotten to a new level in terms of song writing, style, and maturity.

Last but not least, what would you say has been the biggest highlight of your band’s career so far? Oh man! That’s a hard one too. Touring in Europe was and is a huge highlight. I love travelling over there and I love all the people, fans, and friends i’ve made over the years. Touring in North America is also amazing and again, it’s hard to say one is better then the other. They both rule for other reasons, but i’ll never forget the first time in 2007 when I got to plays some shows in Europe. And everytime still feels like the first time. Even 10 years later!

Thanks for your time!

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