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Greg Rekus talks about his new record, “Death and Taxes”!

I feel like I shouldn’t even introduce him anymore. I mean… I featured him so many times during the past two years. It’s impossible for you not to know the folk punk artist Greg Rekus, right?! Greg and I did a small interview for the release of his new record and his new tour dates! Check out what we talked about below! ?

Greg Rekus

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Hello Greg! How are you doing?

Hey again! I’m great! I’m in a hotel room in Canmore AB in the Rocky mountains, just working on some stuff before load in. It’s mega cold tonight which is actually good cause probably less skiing and more drinking and people at the show!

How do you feel now that your new record “Death and Taxes” is out worldwide?

It’s such a relief! There was a lot of work put into this one from every aspect. Working to make the money to pay for it. The songs themselves. The studio. Getting all the piece together so that it’s finally in my hands and on the merch table. At the time I’m writing this, it’s been out just over a week and has been very well received. I’m always a bit nervous that people just want me to do the same thing over and over again. When I go a little outside the box, I hope it brings more people in when at the same time not alienating my friends and fans.

The album is currently available on major streaming platforms. Do you also plan on releasing physical copies?

Yes it will be on CD and Vinyl. The tour I’m currently on, I only have CDs. If anyone reading this has ever tried to press vinyl you know that it takes forever till it’s finished and always seems to get pushed back for reasons out of our control. I had ordered the vinyl as soon as the mastering was done in early November and it’s expected to be ready for February just in time for the spring tour with Tim. The CDs I ordered in December were ready about 2 weeks later…

How long have you worked on this album?

I guess the first song that made it on the album was written early 2018 but the bulk of it was done since I got back from my tour April 2019. I had little ideas and a few songs here and there coming together, but I really buckled down once my touring cycle was done. I like to leave gaps between albums to grow a bit so that it’s more of a new album and not just a continuation of the last one.

If you had to pick one song that, according to you, best reflects the spirit of “Death and Taxes”… Which one would it be and why?

Hmmmm. That’s a really hard one since the record is so broad but I would have to pick “A Newer Hope”. Not only a vague reference to Star Wars, but the lyric content I think I really nailed. It’s also a fun song and very relatable. It’s been the set opener on the tour so far and always get a good response.

You’re currently on tour. How is it going? What do you like most about touring?

Tour has been great! I’m travelling Western Canada with my friend Blue McLeod who is in the project Grotoko. All the shows have been fun and I’ve seen a ton of friends and family already. That would probably be my favorite part. I mean any reason to get on stage and play music every night is my dream of course! I also very much like watching the other acts and drinking beers and such. But seeing my friends and finding out how their adventures have progress is probably my favorite part. Keeping each other posted about our little worlds and all the good times is what keeps me coming back.

The last words are for you, thanks for your time!

Really excited about this year. The new album and all the touring. Some big changes in my life with my partner and I getting our first place together. Very much looking forward to that and having a place all my friends can stay when they are coming through Winnipeg. Can’t wait to see all the friends in Europe this spring. It’s been almost 2 years so long overdue. Look forward to the future and finding out what more people think of the new record as it unfolds and travels around the world!

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