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Introducing the French pop punk band Waykopp!

This week, I’m introducing you to the French pop punk band Waykopp. Learn more about their tour in Canada, as well as their projects for 2018, in the following interview!


Hello Jonathan. Thank you so much for your time! Could you please introduce yourself, as well as your band ‘Waykopp’ to our readers? Hello to you all, dear Distrolution’s readers ! I hope you’ll like all the bullshits I’m about to say.

I’m Jon, lead singer and guitarist of Waykopp, a pop/punk band from the french West Coast! We are a kind of crazy rock trio (drums, guitar and bass guitar) mostly inspired by the punk/rock and pop/punk of the american scene during the 90’s (Blink 182, Green Day, The Offspring, Billy Talent…).

I would like to take a few minutes to talk about your band logo. I know who was the graphic designer and I am a big fan of his work. Your logo is super original and I wanted to know what was the story behind it? What does this logo represent to you? Ahhhh you’re right this logo is really cool. Actually it comes from Mat Roff, a very talented english illustrator. We know him from Instagram. We really loved his work and when we needed to have a logo and our first EP cover, we instantly thought of him.  

About our band logo, we just sent to Mat our influences, some songs and he created the three-eyed sun. It fits perfectly with our musical world. I think people knows exactly what kind of band we are when they see that beautiful sun.

According to me, it represents the three of us (the three eyes) in a universe full of crappy joy! That’s us! I think his work defines the band and we know we are going to work with him again, for our upcoming album! Mat has become a good friend of ours, even if we never met him yet ! But we talk a lot, like we’ve always known each other, that’s quite funny.

Waykopp Logo

You went on a Canadian tour back in October 2017 and stated that it was your dream, as a band. Can you please tell us more about this experience? Exactly. It was a dream for us and we didn’t think that a «Canadian tour» could happen one day. At first, we’ve send a song («California») to a canadian radio («underground radio» in Montreal) to be broadcasted over there. Canadian people are very receptive to this kind of music.

That radio mailed us a week later to let us know that the song was really appreciated and if we’d be interested in making a show in Montreal. We’ve found that idea a bit crazy first but after some reflections we decided to make it real. We’ve begun to find some canadian bands, (the band «Dear Youth» from Montreal played with us almost all the tour) and some venue. We told us that in Ontario, the pop/punk scene was really active so we decided to make a tour between Quebec and Ontario.

We booked all the shows with the help from canadian promoters who like our music. It was a lot of work but it definitely worth it! We had the time of our life, it’s  been without a doubt the best experience we had as a band. People seemed to really enjoy our music, they moshed a lot and we’ve met awesome bands (the band «Academy Killer» for example). And again, to play some punk/rock in the country of bands like «PUP», «Billy Talent» and « Sum 41 » was awesome.

Waykopp Canadian Tour

You stated that you are currently working on an album with your record label. Can you tell us more about it? What kind of songs can we expect on this record? Yes indeed! We are really proud that our record label told us that, after our 1st EP, he wanted to make an album with us. Right now we are working on a lot of new songs. It’s very exiting to work on such a important project for us. I think that this album will be a bit more violent that our EP «Wake Up!», a bit more darker and more elaborated! I hope you guys will like it!

To finish, what is one lesson you’ve learned that you think is important to pass onto other bands? We learned to surpass ourself in 2017 with the canadian tour, to make things happen, to provocate the chance. We always want to try and do new things no matter what people could say or think. Also, we learned how many maple sirup beer we could drink but that is another story…

Picture: Dave Gogan Photography

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