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Learn more about American punk/rock label No Affiliation Records

The DIY punk/rock scene is pretty active all around the world. If you are not familiar with this, you’ll be amazed about how easy it is to reach an helping hand. Learn more about No Affiliation Records from Phoenix, Arizona, with Michael Brockman.

Hi Michael. No Affiliation Records is a punk/rock label from Phoenix, Arizona. This city isn’t well known for its punk scene. Could you tell us more, and why did you start a label from there ?

It was a natural spot for us to start from. We all have deep roots in Arizona, as Bill and I grew up here and Paul has lived here for more than a decade. We actually see a healthy punk scene here and would love to help bring recognition to it.

Your label signs bands from other countries, which is pretty uncommon for an American label. What are the stories behind ?

It really stems from us sticking to the fundamental mission of signing bands that we like and are fans of. As soon as you use optics other than that this becomes a job, and that’s not fun for us. We hope that some of the international talent that we represent will soon gain the recognition they deserve in the US.

There are tons of punk/rock bands across the USA. Are American punk/rock fans interested into listening to some foreign bands ?

I think so. I think punk fans want to hear the best punk rock available, and if we are able to make some international artists more accessible for US punk fans, that’s a success for us. And like I said before, we didn’t go out to sign international bands or US bands or anything in particular. Our mission from day 1 has been: let’s put out records that we like to listen to and with bands that we want to work with. There certainly has to be a chemistry between the label and the bands, and we are very proud of all of our bands thus far.

What about your upcoming releases ? Do you have some interesting bands on your radar ?

We have a couple bands that we are keeping in contact with. With the label we are really trying to streamline this process so that we have the time and capital to put out as much as possible. At the moment, we are already looking at what Q4 of 2018 will look like as well as Q1 of 2019. This year we have 7 releases scheduled, the first 3 being Latte+, Sun-0-Bathers, and The Follow Ups coming out this summer. Bricheros, Sid Broderius and the Emergency Exit, and FoL to follow those 3. The last one is a secret right now…but hopefully it will be out this summer as well.

What can we expect from No Affiliation Records in the near future ? Are you the next Epitaph Records or Fat Wreck Chords ?

I hope to see No Affiliation Records become a destination label that bands want to be with. We like to think that we are very artist friendly and are trying everything to make No Affiliation Records a 1 stop shop. This goes as far as to doing all the merch in house so that bands don’t have to worry about anything from that perspective. As far as being the next Epitaph of Fat…guess we’ll see. Just being mentioned in the same sentence is a compliment.

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