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Meet the french pop punkers Gloomy Glimmers!

Although the pop-punk scene still has some progress to make, especially in France, there are many bands that are worth being known! Today, I’m introducing you to the French pop punkers Gloomy Glimmers. We spent a few minutes to talk about the bands upcoming projects for 2018!

Gloomy Glimmers

Hello Gloomy Glimmers! Thanks for doing this interview with us! Could you please introduce yourselves and tell us about how you came up with your bands name? We are a band of four men from Marvejols, a small town in the South of France (Lozere). We started in 2012. The name of the band is because at the beginning we were rehearsing in a garage with a small single light.

You’re going to hit the road in The UK in April 2018. How excited are you to perform in such a cool country? How many dates can we also expect? Yes, we‘re very excited , it’s our first tour and our first time in the UK. We‘ll hit the road with a UK band (We don’t know the name of the UK band at this point). It’s a good project which ask a good organization.

You told me that you also plan on releasing a new single after this tour. Can you tell us more about it? What kind of song can we actually expect? Yes, after our UK tour we’ll be back in the studio to record a new single. It will sound differently ‘cause we’ll record in a new studio but it will be always melodic and punk.

You haven’t released anything since your EP ‘Stay Away from this Place’, back in 2016. How much would you say your music has evolved over the years? Pop Punk music has grown up over the ten past years. Hope our music and lyrics too. We take it more seriously than before because we love doing this music. We want to share it and meet other bands, other people like us. Even if pop-punk scene is difficult in France, we don’t give up.

How would you describe the French pop-punk scene after all? From a global point of view, are you more or less satisfied? It’s very difficult to develop the pop-punk scene in France we don’t know why…maybe ‘cause most people listen just what we give you on the national radios. In Lozère just the four of us are listening to pop-punk music (lol). In fact we need a record label to help us and go outside of the borders. Of course it’s more easy in big cities you can touch more people but it’s not enough. You know we were in Toulouse to see Neck Deep on tour last November with Real Friends and As It Is. There were just 200 people, that’s just incredible with a line-up like this!!

Thank you so much for taking time to answers a few questions for us, here, at Distrolution. We really appreciate it. Please make sure to keep an eye on Gloomy Glimmers. You can indeed expect a new single in the upcoming months!

Picture: credit to the photographer

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