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Meet the French punk rockers, Midbrook!

I’m back this week with a brand new written interview, introducing you guys this time to the French punk rockers, Midbrook. Learn more about the band’s debut EP, “Right Place, Wrong Time”, as well as their latest release, a live performance of “Between Your Lines”.

Midbrook picture by Francesca Raimondo

Picture by Francesca Raimondo

Hello Midbrook, thanks for your time. Would it be please possible to introduce your band to our readers?

We are a French four-piece band formed in 2019. We love punk rock and pop punk with a California twist. We write and play songs with high BPM and catchy melodies, full of energy.

However, our influences are much more varied : emo, core, metal, pop… which is reflected in our songs.

How would you describe the French punk rock scene?

We grew up listening to great french bands such as Guerilla Poubelle, Charly Fiasco, Justin(e), The Rebel Assholes, Diego Pallavas, and many more…

The French punk rock scene seems to us less active than it used to be 10-15 years ago but it still exists and we have to fight to keep it alive ! There are great bands that continue to emerge and release great records : for example, the last album of Intenable is amazing.

Punk rock, like music in general, is evolving. The American scene, which influences us a lot, incorporates more and more varied arrangements and core influences. This is what we try to bring to our music.

You have released, back in January, your debut EP titled “Right Place, Wrong Time”. How long have you worked on it?

The EP writing process really started in January, 2021 and the recording sessions took place on October, 2021. It took us about 9 months, with line-up changes and the pandemic slowing us down.

“Right Place, Wrong Time” includes 4 tracks. However, we had written other songs that we didn’t select because we were not 100% satisfied about it.

The ideas are not lost though, we are still working on it until we find the right musical combination and some of them might be online soon…

How would you describe your usual writing process?

The songs are mostly written in acoustic guitar first, we attach great importance to building songs around voices melodies, trying to make them as catchy as possible.

Then, we work together on an electric arrangement at the crossroads of our different influences. First, in our home studio which allows us to have a clearer vision of what works and what doesn’t work and to test many ideas at our leisure.

Finally, we play and refine these ideas live until we find the right blend : enough energy for live shows, enough efficient for studio tracks.

You’ve also revealed, a few days ago, a live performance of your song “Between Your Lines”. How was the experience?

It was a great experience, surrounded by people whose work we love. Playing in front of a camera is a very special exercise. You learn a lot about your stage presence and the way to convey the intention of the song!

We are very proud of the result. We had it in mind for a long time. It shows the energy of MIDBROOK shows!

You’ve mentioned on your socials that you are already working on new things. Would you mind sharing some info on your upcoming projects?

MIDBROOK never stops, we have been working on a second EP since February, 2022! The writing process is almost done, we will record the new tracks this summer and release it in the fall of 2022.

We’re really looking forward to sharing it because it’s more accomplished than the previous one : with more technical riffs, core and metal influences, but also tender songs closer to pop music.

Besides that, shows in France will be announced soon.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Thanks to Distrolution for the interview, it’s nice to talk to french punk rock lovers! We hope that we will part of the french punk rock revival, such as the one that is happening right now in the US.

Thanks for your time!

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