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Movement at Night releases new music two years after his debut EP!

After a debut EP “Sleep on It” revealed in April 2021, Movement at Night is back two years later with a cover of “Morning Glory” by Oasis. Learn more about this cover and his upcoming projects in our brand new interview!

Movement At Night
Picture by Quentin Demongeot
Hello Movement at Night. Thanks for your time! Would you mind introducing yourself to our readers?

Hi, everyone! I’m Clément and I’m from Nice, a city located in the French Riviera. I’m deeply nostalgic about the 90s and I’m also influenced by Indie Rock / Alternative / Pop Punk music. I’m currently a songwriter under the name of “Movement at Night”.

I created this project in 2018, during a period that was mentally challenging. I experienced both anxiety and health issues that led to an intense depression.

This difficult period also rhymed with insomnia. Despite my emotional and physical exhaustion, I discovered that this sleep disorder also led to a sort of frenetic creativity which allowed me to compose in a quite surprising way. This is why I decided to call this project “Movement At Night”.

For the moment, Movement At Night is an entirely self-produced one-man band, thanks to two friends of mine, Guillaume and Roman, who help me with the production and the arrangement. We do the recording, the mixing as well as the imagery of the project. I’m looking forward to meeting musicians who would like to embark on the adventure and to defend our project on stage.

After a debut EP “Sleep on It” revealed in April 2021, you’re back two years later with a cover of “Morning Glory” by Oasis. What made you pick this song?

I’m a huge fan of Oasis! They’ve had a huge impact on my music education, just like many other bands. I could mention Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Weezer… There’re so many of them.

Actually, the desire to make a cover version of “Morning Glory” is not recent at all, especially the desire to create a version that would be different from the original one. Therefore, Guillaume, who co-produced this cover version, and I, had the idea to make it rather “grungy” and melodic. Introducing Oasis to grunge in 2023 was something that really amused us.

You briefly told me that you have finished working on your new album. Can you tell us more about this upcoming record?

Exactly! And here’s an exclusive announcement — the album is ready! The mastering has been made in Sodasound studio (Paris) in December 2022.

This album is meant to be listened in one go, since the songs are linked by interludes that help the listeners go from one atmosphere to another. This is a kind of tribute to many bands that used this type of transitions in the 90s.

I think it’s a good way to maintain the suspense regarding what is coming next, while letting the listener assimilate what they’ve just listened to.

The first single “Way Out” and its music video are deeply inspired by Spielberg’s world of the late 80s. They both should be released in May 2023. Stay tuned!

How’s your usual writing process and where do you usually find your inspiration?

I don’t really have a writing, nor a composing process per say. The melody sometimes comes into my mind and then I find the lyrics— and sometimes it’s just the opposite. I generally use my personal experience as a starting point and when I feel inspired, my brain just freezes and everything materializes quite quickly.

The toughest part is stopping thinking. Indeed, I usually have trouble thinking about something else, especially knowing when a song is finished.

I couldn’t thank my two sidekicks enough for helping me refocus when I stray from the point— sometimes way too much!

Any funny stories to share from your recording sessions?

Sure! There’re so many of them… For instance, I could talk about the hassles we faced trying to record the guitars in the laundry room and among the washing machines! However, during our last recording session, we wanted to shoot some music videos whereas it wasn’t planned. We were just two and we shot the scenes at night, right after the recording sessions, that is to say around 2 a.m. We just had a shitty camera and a tripod.

We needed to make fluid movements while holding the camera, which is quite difficult to do without a stabiliser or even a dolly. Therefore, we crafted our own dolly by sticking the camera on a mower (we’ve got photos to back it up). It’s very “DIY-ish” but it works! You’ll be able to see the result in the music video of the first single!

I saw that you have launched some merch after the release of your debut EP. As a band and music fan, what’s your favorite merch item and why?

Despite the physical format of vinyl records or CDs that one can buy in order to support artists as much as possible, I really like T-shirts. Some people find them symbolic because the T-shirt is directly related to the band they love, while others sometimes just appreciate the motif on it. In any case, I think it offers the band some visibility.

The last words are for you, thanks for your time!

I’d really like to thank you for offering your readers the possibility to discover independent artists of which I am part. We know how difficult it is to make ourselves heard, but it’s made possible thanks to magazines like yours. Movement At Night is coming back in 2023, with both a new album next summer and its first single “Way Out” in May. You can already find the EP “Sleep On It” on all music streaming services.

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