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Mr Fartface are back after 3 years with a new record, “Brain”

In the past, we had the opportunity to manage the press relations of Mr. Fartface for the release of their single, “Nothing New Today“. 3 years later, the band marks its return with a new punk rock-influenced album. Thanks to Martin, find out more about this new record below!

Mr Fartface - Picture by Louise De Maet

Mr Fartface – Picture by Louise De Maet

Hello Mr. Fartface. Our readers already got the opportunity to get to know your band in our previous interview. This time, we’re focusing on your new release, “Brain”. Comprising 10 energetic tracks, this album promises to shake up the punk rock scene.

It is clear that with the 11 tracks of this album, we wanted to tap into the Belgian punk-rock scene to offer something different.

As I’ve just explained, you’re back after 3 years with a new record, “Brain”. Please tell us about the creative process behind this record. What themes did you want to explore?

The creative process was very long and tedious but, following our last two singles and our first album, we wanted to explore more mature themes while keeping our style offbeat. On ‘Guts And Noise’, for example, we can find the exuberance of the party, on ‘My Way’ which is, as the clip shows, the spiritual continuation of the song, we can find someone who loses his way. We wanted to go a little further in the music and in the meaning of the songs.

How does your band stay true to its punk spirit in this new record? What sets this album apart from your previous works in terms of sound and message?

First, you have to know how to define what the punk spirit is. We have no crests or perfecto but it is clear that we keep this momentum of self-expression and freedom that only this style can offer. As I explained above, we didn’t want to remain a joke band, we wanted to use more modern sounds, freely inspired by the new wave of punk-HxC that Turnstile has democratized and it’s the same at the level of message.

Who did you work with to compose “Brain” (recording, mixing, mastering, artwork…)?

We had a long list of participants on the first takes of the project but it was at Blackout Studio with Jonas Sanders (Pro-Pain, KillTheLogo,…) that we were finally able to reach our goal and there is surely a lot to do with it… Given his experience, he was able to bring us a depth in production, mixing and mastering that we could not have had elsewhere. And with his sidekick Jérémie Bézier, they were able to carry our project through to the end to give this beautiful baby we are proud of. The artwork is by Max our drummer, who gave his brains for this picture.

You also revealed a music video for your single “My Way”. What prompted you to choose this particular song? Is this single the one that reflects the best the overall spirit of the record?

Yes it’s sure. With My Way, we wanted to offer a very catchy and pop song, without the fuss. A somewhat haunting ballad with a context that touches us a lot and no overproduction. It was therefore logical for us to offer this little saga that is Guts And Noise and My Way as a single and we wanted to offer our listeners another facet of our art, far from fast riffs and pogos, a powerful song.

How was the shooting of the music video?

We had the opportunity to work with Alice from JMNRT Media who had already worked on our clip for Let It Skate and became a real reference in the field in Belgium. She directly knew how to put our vision into images and despite a long and painful shoot because we chained the two clips to have a certain coherence, Alice’s courage and professionalism allowed us to have this visual of which we are very proud. We also wanted to pay homage to the house where we rehearsed and wrote the album, so it’s the background of this clip.

The punk rock scene is known for its engagement and connection with the audience. Tell us more about your 2023 summer tour.

With the album out and the quality dates we had on the schedule, including bands like Clowns, Tusky and Pro-Pain in August, it’s clear to us that these gigs are and were the best gigs of our young career. The public quickly studied our lyrics and we could notice a real excitement shared between us and our new listeners. We are a live band first and foremost and it’s our greatest gift to be able to keep touring the way we do, thanks to the fans.

Last but not least. Do you have any upcoming tours or other creative projects in the works for the coming months?

We still have a few dates left in October but we are going to take it easy until the end of 2023 to come back better in 2024. We already have some great opportunities that arise to play in front of a new audience and on new stages and we would like to be able to release some singles before proposing an EP undoubtedly more violent than what we have proposed to you since the beginning.

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