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Pop-punks The Rocket discuss recently released album!

I’m back this week with a brand new interview. The Rocket are indeed an up and coming pop-punk band, hailing from Belgium. The guys have dropped their new album  ‘Another Reason Not to Fear the Sky’ on April 26th. Thanks to Fred (synths), learn more about this new release, as well as the band’s upcoming projects for 2018!

The Rocket

Hello Fred! Your band was already featured via an interview a few months ago. But for those who missed it, could you please, once again, introduce The Rocket to our readers? Hi! We’re a five-piece synth-driven pop punk band, for fans of Motion City Soundtrack, blink-182, New Found Glory, Weezer and good times in general.

2018 has so far been a busy year for you guys. Between the release of two singles, one music video and then your new album “Another Reason Not to Fear the Sky”… Are you happy with the feedback you received so far, from both the fans and the media? We were very anxious to hear what people thought of the new album, since we took a different approach to the whole writing and recording process and we didn’t know what the fans would think of it. We are very happy with how the songs and the album turned out. We feel they really sound like us. It’s so cool to see the new songs resonate with the fans as well as our previous releases. Everybody seems to share our enthusiasm about the new songs and that means the world to us.

Speaking of your new album, you guys had the amazing chance to work with great people, such as Marc McClusky, Chris Athens and the guys in Motion City Soundtrack. How did you guys all meet? We had about 22 demos ready when we started looking for producers. We were looking for someone that has experience with the combination of pop punk and synths. And enough knowhow to help us reach the next level with our music. One of the albums that inspired us was ‘Isn’t This Supposed to be Fun’ by Farewell, which was produced by Marc McClusky. He also worked with bands such as Weezer and Motion City Soundtrack in the past, so we knew we had to try to work with him.

We simply e-mailed his management and sent along some of our older songs and some of the demos. They responded enthusiastically and Marc said what we did was right up his alley. Working with him was great and we learned a great deal in the process. He introduced us to the guys in Motion City Soundtrack, who were also very friendly and nice to work with. At times, it just felt surreal. Motion City Soundtrack was one of the bands that inspired us to start The Rocket to begin with. So writing a song with them was so much more than we could have ever dreamed of.

As for Chris Athens, who mastered the album. He’s also one of the leading names in the industry we just wanted to work with. He and his team have done amazing work with A-list bands. We’re very happy Marc introduced us to them as well. In the end, it all contributed to what we feel is our best sounding record so far.

If you had to pick one song from your new album, which one would you choose and why? My personal favorite one is definitely “Tsunami”. I’m a huge fan of the riffs and the catchy chorus! If you ask all five of us, I’m sure you’d get five different answers. I think the common answer would be ‘Broken’, because it’s a lot of fun to play live. My personal favorite is ‘Tsunami’ as well, I love the energy and I think the emotions of the song translate particularly well in the music. I also like the lyrical reference to our older song ‘Katie’ in ‘Tsunami’. Musically, the long outro in ‘Postcard’ is also one of my personal favorites.

I love it when the music tells a story of its own and I think that’s the case in both ‘Tsunami’ and the second part of ‘Postcard’. But then again, I think there’s something about every song that could be a reason for me to pick it as my favorite. So I’m probably a bit biased, haha.

In the end, I hope everybody has a different favorite. Because that would mean that every song on the album has its own characterics that set it apart enough to appeal to someone in a special way.

Apart from the release of this new album, is there anything else we can possibly expect from The Rocket in 2018? We hope to play a lot more shows and I think we’re already about 15 demos into the next album. So hopefully we’ll string together some cool shows, tour abroad for a while. And maybe even record some more songs. There can never be enough music, right?

Thanks for your time! And thank you for yours!

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