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Punks Bare Teeth talk about life on tour and new single, “Running Wild”!

Punks Bare Teeth recently got back from their European and Japan tour. Greg, the lead singer, took some time to answer a couple of questions for us, linked to their busy life on tour and their recently released single! Check out what he had to say below!

Bare Teeth

Hello, Bare Teeth! Thanks for your time! For those who don’t know you yet, would you mind introducing your band to our readers?

We are a 4-piece punk/rock band from Lille in France, but we don’t like to labels on our music, so we sometimes say we play thrash/pop. Well, if you like bands like A Wilhelm Scream, Propagandhi, No Trigger, Much The Same or Darko, you might like us as well.

You guys toured a lot this year, between Europe, Japan… How was it?

It’s been awesome, as you can guess. We had the opportunity to play at SBÄM Fest in Austria with bands like Good Riddance, Authority Zero, Useless ID as well as some friends’ bands like Krang, Blowfuse,… We’re just back from a tour in Taiwan and Japan and we had one of the best times of our lives. Taiwan was a huge surprise and despite the hot weather, we really enjoyed the shows and the people there. We played in Japan for the second time and most of our shows went pretty well. We played two shows with our buddies Shames, a Japanese skatepunk band we share our split record “Bridging Oceans” with.

Bare Teeth

Is there one show that you particularly loved performing at? If yes, which one and why?

It’s really hard to pick only one. Our last show in Yokohama was insane, but we were really exhausted. The show at Shinjuku Antiknock was rad too, with a lot of people dancing and slamming, all singing along with us even if they didn’t know the lyrics.

How do you manage your time between your personal life and the band? Isn’t it hard?

It is, but we have much fun doing it. I (Greg) run my own company and do IT freelance stuff, so it’s quite easy for me to get some days off. Tom also works in IT and doesn’t have much problem to take leaves for touring. Titouan has to find a job, so he has a lot of free time right now but it might change somewhat soon. Jérôme, our drummer, couldn’t tour in Asia with us, because of his job and his family, so we took Roch Deroubaix of Holispark with us again. Roch is a full-time musician and he was more than happy to do Taiwan and Japan with us.

You also released a music video for your new single, “Running Wild”. How was the shooting experience? Any funny story to share with our readers?

We teamed up again with Martin Genty of I.Shot Films. We did the band shooting at the same place than “Tomorrow Starts Today”. Tom had some strong ideas about what other place had to look like, and he directed most of the scenes. Hopefully, the actress we worked with was very good and we are quite happy with the result. I can’t remember any funny story about the making of this video. We were quite focused on whatwe had to do.

Greg is usually the one writing the lyrics, signing and everything, but this time, it’s Tom, your bass player, who wrote the music, lyrics and who’s the main singer. Can we say that this is a big step forward for Bare Teeth?

I can’t tell if it’s a big step forward but things are gonna change. Titouan and Tom also write music and lyrics, and they want to sing some of these songs. I’m fine with this, and it will add some more textures to Bare Teeth. As we are writing our first full-length album, we will see what’s best on each song.

Tell us one random fun fact about each band member of the band.

Tom and Titouan kissed on stage on our last show in Japan. We are a very gay-friendly band, but Jérôme doesn’t feel well when we’re all naked in a small room. Roch got so drunk that he puked on our first day in Taiwan. First time he got that drunk in 15 years. I’m not the funny guy in the band, but I tell all the good stories to the media and my bandmates hate me for this.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

We are ready to play anywhere, anytime. Bring the show and we’ll bring the party!

Thanks for your time!

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