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Punks Fifty One sign to M&O Music and announce new record!

It’s definitely a busy year for the French punk rockers Fifty One. The guys have indeed signed to the record label M&O Music and plan on releasing their new album “LOVE/HATE” later this year. Learn more about it in our new interview!

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Hello Fifty One. Let’s start this written interview by introducing your band to our readers!

Formed in 2015, we are mainly influenced by the Californian scene of the early 2000s (Green Day, Blink 182, Sum 41), and we want to prove that Rock’n’Roll is still alive and well by projecting our electric and festive music at the front of the stage!

You’ve just signed a deal with the record label M&O Music. How did this collaboration happen?

The manager of the label is in charge of the booking of the Leclerc stage of the Hellfest festival! We contacted him for a booking request but it was already closed.

He then asked us if we would be interested in his label and after a few exchanges and a good feeling, we did business!

You’ll release your new album, “LOVE/HATE”, in a few months. What kind of songs can we expect on this record and how long have you worked on it?

As the name of the album indicates, it’s a mix between songs about love and songs about hate. We worked on this album during the Covid quarantine, which traducts these jumps of emotions.

We then had the album mixed by Bertrand Poncet, the singer of the band Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! The production is killer and the result will be released in October!

On June 22nd, you’ll release the first single taken from this album. What’s the meaning behind the single’s artwork?

We are actually going to release the very first song this month. The artwork is not really related to the lyrics of the song, but is rather a nod to what the album artwork will look like: a rose, a skeleton (which is now our trademark…). So let your imagination run wild for the album cover!

You had the chance to enter The Voice of Hell contest of the Hellfest Festival to perform on the Warzone stage… and you made it to the final! How crazy is that?

Unbelievable! We didn’t expect to get so much feedback and support. We were passing people in the street that we didn’t know and they were saying: “we voted for you”! We were a bit overwhelmed and the result really warmed our hearts! That’s why music is amazing!

Speaking of live shows. You played in several countries across Europe between 2015 and 2017. What is your most memorable concert and why?

On those early tours, we played almost exclusively in bars. That’s what we wanted, to play “real” without being amplified, by presenting our real sound in front of people who can leave the place at any time.

I think I can tell you about the very first concert in Spain that we did, in Calatayud, near Zaragoza. We did the sound check in the early afternoon and then left to visit the city. When we returned, the bar was closed and there was a 20-meter queue to get inside. We continued our way to avoid queuing with the other (laughs). The atmosphere was incredible, playing in small towns is really good!!

What’s on your merch table and, as a band and music fans, what’s your favorite merch item?

T shirts, Cds and stickers for the moment. Our favorite item is definitely the bands t-shirts, they are the official outfit of music lovers!

The last words are for you. Thanks for your time!

If you want to see us rock your city, give us a call, we would love to meet you!!

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