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Punks Stand Up Stacy talk about their new single, “Something To Believe”!

Stand Up Stacy is a punk rock / alternative rock band hailing from Munich, Germany. The guys are known for their explosive live concerts and their big, melodic sound. In our brand new interview, the band is here to talk about their recently-released single “Something To Believe”, as well as their upcoming plans for 2020!

Stand Up Stacy
Picture by Christiane Böckel

Hello, Stand Up Stacy! Thanks for taking time to answer a couple of questions for us. Would you mind introducing your band to our readers?
Oh yeah, with pleasure! So: we are those four handsome guys dressed in white shirts, braces and with bowties around our necks called Stand Up Stacy. We are part of the alternative rock / punk rock scene in Munich, Germany since 2016.

Our big strengths are diverse and genre-spreading songs, from fun punk tracks like blink-182 have, on to big and anthemic rock songs or some aggressive, harder stuff. We’re planning the release our first full album in Spring 2020. And on that, you will find quite a lot from all of those types of music.

From your own POV, how would you describe the German punk rock scene?
Well, what we can say for sure is that it’s extremely satisfying to play in a punk rock / alt rock band in Germany. Clubs in cities like Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich often got that standing to be more into electronical music. But with our experiences in the local music scene we can say that that’s not true at all. Just in the last couple of months we played so many cool gigs with other local rock bands. And there is always a venue around to set up a great gig.

And the most important thing is that there are so many people willing to lose their minds with us at a great show. So you definitely have a fanbase in the rock-community who will support you and come to see you perform.

You’ve recently released a new single titled “Something to Believe”. Would you mind introducing this song to our readers? What’s the story behind it?
The song is the first single and the opening track from our new album “The Magnificent You”. The writing process of that one felt so diverse, as the song progresses from a rockin’ dance-track, over an anthemic chorus on to a finale with blasting singalongs and tons of energy. We didn’t know that our band could sound like that before we wrapped it up. And as soon as we were done it was a no-brainer to release “Something To Believe” as the first single.

Lyrically, it is about a mindset where people only tend to see the negativity in everything around them, where problems build up to one gigantic, depressive thought of not being good enough or mistrusting everyone around. The song is like a warning sign, to think about what that will make out of you, and that it often starts with you and how you see yourself to get some troubling things out of the way.

This single comes along with a music video. How was the shooting experience?
The idea behind the video was simple and straightforward: to catch a live performance of our track with a one-shot. So we hit the stage and brought our man behind the camera to run from bandmate to bandmate, trying to capture the best moments of our performance.

It’s great to see how the energy of the song works out with the concert footage, and even cooler as it was quite easy to do. Usually we spend hours and days with the planning of our videos. But that’s something you will see in the music video of our next single.

You plan on releasing your debut full length, “The Magnificent You” in Spring 2020. Can you already unveil some details on this record? How long have you worked on it?
Oh yeah, let’s do this! So, we worked like one year on it, but often it’s not that easy to say when an idea of a song starts, and from which point on you know what you’re trying to achieve.

Think we worked on the frist demos for the songs two years ago, but almost all of it changed from time to time. Finishing the recording process a few weeks ago, we ended up with 11 tracks with a big variety of influences and musical styles. We’re extremely proud of the diversity on the album, as there are some smooth, but not too “ballady” songs. Followed by loud and raging songs with screaming parts, hammering guitar riffs and such. And there are some punk anthems and party/feel good – tracks, too.

So it’s a lot of fun to listen to the record from start to finish. And with the themes and stories behind the songs we think we’ve achieved something very special. Every song is about a well known situation in the lives of us and those around us, so we hope everybody can connect to it. May it be about a depressing and hard time, empathy for someone you love or just the crazy, unlucky douche next door. We’re super excited to hear what people think as soon as it’s out.

I saw that you guys are also playing a lot of shows. Do you feel any pressure before going on stage? If yes, how do you manage it?
The last minutes before going up on stage are always very special to us, because within the next hour it’s completely up to us if people will have a good time and enjoy seeing our performance and listen to our music.

It means a lot to us that they’re willing to listen to what we got to say, so we don’t take anything for granted. And with that in mind, we’re always trying to give it all, to include the audience in our show and make sure to get them dancing.

The most interesting part is to watch on which song we’re able to break the ice and get the crowd moving. Sometimes it’s already the first or second track, another day it’s a harder track that comes as the fifth song or so. But luckily it happens every single time we’re doing our thing, and from that point on the pressure is completely gone and it’s pure joy and fun to bash through the rest of the set.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!
Credits to you for those awesome questions, it was great to speak about all of that. And thanks that you offer us a platform to get some infos out to our fans. We’d like to encourage everyone who landed on these lines to stay tuned for more songs from us. And as soon as the next singles and the album drops, we’d be excited to hear what you think of it.

So everyone who has a moment to spend for us, hit us up on Instagram or Facebook, and let us know what you think about our music. We’re in talks with so many people out there, and it’d be great to get in contact with you and hear your opinion, too! So once again, thanks for inviting us for the interview and talking to us!

Thanks for your time!

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