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Ringgo 5 unveil behind the scenes insight into the ‘Valeria’ video!

Hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia, the young and energetic five-piece Ringgo 5 has gotten a lot of achievements under their belt. The band indeed recently unveiled their video for single ‘Valeria’. A video that you can indeed watch below. The track is from the band’s debut album ‘Emotion’, available on Spotify here. The pop-rockers are now here to give us a behind the scenes insight into the video…

Ringgo 5

Hi Ringgo 5 – So to kick off, why did you pick ‘Valeria’ as your next single? We picked Valeria as our next single because of the catchy tunes and easy listening for the audience. We even tell ourselves when we recorded Valeria, that it has to be one of our singles in our “Emotion” album. We also did quite research to our friends and families about our next single. They chose Valeria.

What the video is about and how did the concept came about? The music video of Valeria is basically about a guy who adore this girl, Valeria and has been stalking her through his CCTV because he is too shy and introvert to confess his feelings to her. Little did he know, Valeria does the same. She also adores this guy, and has been stalking him through her CCTV. Both of them are basically too afraid to confess their feelings, which is ambiguous. The concept of the video came out from Ryan, our lovely friend who got the idea from the lyric of Valeria, “on this Blue Screen I can feel you”, the five of us and our director, Fariz Adnan.

Where did you shoot it? We shot everything – every scene – at our guitarist Rishad Marciano’s apartment.

Who was your director? Fariz Adnan and crew, with a little bit help from Ringgo 5.

Can you tell us about anything interesting or unusual that happened? Nothing really unusual happened – but it was a very tiring day for Nabil and Robert, as they went to a music festival to see Oh Wonder and Blackbear just hours before the shooting of the music video – and the shooting for it finished pretty late, around 2AM!

Finally, what are your thoughts on the outcome? The video came out just as expected. Shout out to our director Fariz Adnan and crew, our producer Adis Putra, our lovely friend Ryan, and last but not least our parents, who have been supporting and trusting us since… ages. Massive love.

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