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Sean Nolan and the Heartmakers talk about new record!

A few weeks ago, Sean Nolan and the Heartmakers revealed their new release, titled “The Machineries of Joy”. The latter is indeed available since May 13th on major streaming platforms! Frontman Sean Nolan took some free time to answer a couple of questions linked to this release. Check out the full interview below!

Hello Sean Nolan and the Heartmakers, thanks for your time. How are you doing in such a crazy time?

Doing OK! Looking forward to getting together with the guys again, making some more music. Who knows, maybe even play some shows again!

You’ve recently revealed your new record, titled “The Machineries of Joy”. How long have you worked on this release?

Including the time it took to write all the material and rehearse, record, create the album layout, I’d say we worked on it for a couple years.

How was the overall writing process for this EP?

This one was exciting. We learned a lot writing this material. My brother Kyle joined the band for this record so that was a really great experience. Definitely took longer this time around than the previous records but I think that was just because we were working to really develop something unique to us. We really wanted to capture a lot of different styles this time around.

The artwork of “The Machineries of Joy” is really cool. Who created it and where did the inspiration come from?

My friend Matt who plays bass in the band painted that picture. I really love it. Our “screamy bird” logo is something I came up with a few years ago. I did the overall layout and editing. We’re all really pleased with the way it came out.

Sean Nolan and the Heartmakers - “The Machineries of Joy” (artwork)

You’ve so far released two music videos for songs taken from this new release. Do you plan on releasing another video for another single this year?

No, just those two for this release. Now, we’re just focusing on writing new material, trying to plan for the future.

Can you share your other upcoming projects for the end of the year and 2021?

Fingers crossed we can play some shows to promote this thing before the years ends! Even if they’re stripped down acoustic sets. We’re just dying to really celebrate this release. Next year we’ll be finishing up our next LP in the studio. Looking forward to sharing these new tracks!

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Things don’t look so great right now. Everything feels pretty hopeless. But we’ve got to hold on and find that hope, believe in a brighter future, fight for those oppressed, combat racism, do what we can to help create that brighter future. It’s not easy but hopefully, together we can make a difference. I’ve got to believe we can. 

Thanks for your time!

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