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Talk Show Host has much to say. Have a seat !

Talk Show Host is an indie punk trio from Toronto, Canada, claiming influences from Against Me!, Bob Mould or Weezer. Being together since 2015, they could still be considered as newcomers but with 3 EPs under their belt, no need to say that Talk Show Host is pretty active. We met Chris (guitar/vocals) and Fab (bass/vocals) to learn more about them.

Toronto, and Canada in general, seems to have a pretty active scene but bands don’t tour that much. How would you explain this ?

Chris: There is plenty of touring within Canada, but to tour, say, the United States, requires months of paperwork and thousands of dollars. For a band like us with very little notoriety, a tour will consist of tiny venues and DIY spaces, so the permits required for US travel would generally guarantee a massive financial hit. The bigger bands from our scene like PUP have label and governmental support so they’re able to move around the globe much easier. We did get lucky with our Euro tour this year. Fab had the connections to make it work without a booking agent, and the very nature of touring that continent is completely different than North America. The notion that a promoter would give us both a place to sleep AND a delicious home-cooked meal was completely foreign to us. We were able to tour for two weeks on relatively little money, and we basically broke even. I miss it.

Talk Show Host, by Harley Haskett
Talk Show Host, by Harley Haskett

Fab, you lived for quite a long time in Paris, moved to the USA and now live in Canada. What’s the best (or worse) from each place ? Any good or bad experience ?

Fab: On the music side, the best of Europe is the friendly bands and the incredible promoters who set up the shows, give you shelter and a warm meal! In Canada and the USA, I would say the incredible efficiency of bands. When they’re good, they are flying over everybody else. For the worst, I would say Bands ain’t that friendly here and in the USA. In Europe, it’s going to be super difficult to “make it” but is it that worse?

On the living side, Canada is an incredibly great country to live in. The quality of life is really good. Plus in Toronto, you can see nearly any bands you want. People are nice, but also i’m a middle-aged white male so my experience has to be taken with a grain of salt. For the USA, there’s a spirit of opportunity that exists only there. “Anything is possible” and you can feel it; but also i’m a middle-aged white male so my experience has to be taken with a grain of salt. France has (had?) incredible worker protections that don’t exist anywhere else. 5 weeks of vacation, ticket restaurant etc are something people would dream of here. The bad side of Canada is the freaking winter and the fact that even if there’s some worker protection, it’s mostly individualistic : you’re on your own. For the worst of the usa, simply turn on the TV and you’ll see.

Talk Show Host has released its latest EP “Not here to make friends” in May. What is the feedback so far ?

Chris: So far, it’s our first EP to receive almost unanimous positive reviews. Fab does a lot of work to get the EP into the hands of music writers, and the ones who do give it a shot have been into it. The only review that irked me was one in which the writer misinterpreted “I Hate Men.” He thought it was ironic. It’s not fucking ironic.

With all the scandals regarding sexual assaults, your song “I hate men (I hate all men)” has a powerful meaning. Would you describe yourselves as feminists ?

Chris: 100%. But I don’t see the song as a feminist song – it’s a misandrist song. I think we’re generally a violent, selfish and entitled bunch, and I’m so fucking bored with us.

You guys have releases singles and EPs. When can we expect a full album ?

Chris: If we can pull together the money, a full length might materialize early in 2019!

Any last word for your fans ?


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