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The Cryptics announce the release of a new record for 2021!

We’re once again pleased to reveal a new interview with vocalist Tino, from the US punk band The Cryptics. The guys have been busy working on a new record and Tino was kind enough to reveal more details about it. Check out the full interview below!

Hello Tino, thanks for your time. How are you doing in such a crazy time?

Thanks for having us. Doing well in this strange time. We’re using this time to do everything we can behind the scenes to prep for the future. Working on the next several releases, plotting/filming music videos. Doing everything we can.

You unfortunately had to cancel 2/3 of your huge 2020 US tour due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Do you plan on rescheduling the whole tour in 2021?

We don’t plan to reschedule that tour itself per say because by the time we hit the road again (over a year from now) we will be promoting a brand new record. So, I’m sure a lot of the planned markets we will still hit, but it won’t be an exact replica of what was supposed to be the remainder of this tour.

You also announced on your FB page that you have finished recording a new album and are currently beginning some filming for the video singles. How was the whole writing process for this new record?

It was smooth. A decent amount of it I had pieces of written over time, so it was a matter of putting it together properly. We started practicing the album several months before recorded it and it flowed together really nicely. More details came to light once Chris, Andy and I began playing these more and more. It was a really fun album to make. We’re mixing it right now and we’re thrilled with how the roughs sound so far.

Between the writing of “Continuous Behavior” and this upcoming album, which writing / recording process challenged and amused you the most?

The writing process wasn’t wildly taxing because it took place for both records over a large span of time, piece by piece. In terms of recording, I’d say production value was the largest challenge. I find myself spending more and more time crafting detail as things move forward. We used to approach things in a more primitive manner, but we’ve come to learn that detail is everything and that’s what makes things more of a challenge with writing these days.

A good example of this is our old version of Continuous New Behavior vs. the new recording. Our former bassist Anthony Calderone came back to play on that record with us. What he added to the record was phenomenal and really helped push it to what we wanted it to be.

You’ve released a few music videos over the years. Is there one that has really marked you? Any funny stories to share with us? 

Our most recent 3 off of Continuous New Behavior are definitely our best and what people seem to have checked out the most. Mystery Line being a personal favorite of mine. As far as a funny story: when we were shooting the Night Time Freaks video, we had to use smoke machines on the indoor stage playing scene that has all the characters up there with us.

It set the venue fire alarm off within less than 3 minutes. Meaning we only got one take of the playing scene to use in the video. Luckily, we somehow got most of what we needed in just that one take. The owner was not a happy camper when the fire department showed up. We had to pack up and get out of there ASAP.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Go to shows always.

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