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The Italian scene is definitely very promising: meet Slenders!

Those who know me know that I am a big fan of the Italian punk rock scene. It’s a country that, according to me, has a great potential. You can indeed expect to discover a lot of Italian bands in the coming weeks… And we’ll start right now with Slenders. The punk rock band gave me some time to talk, among other things, about their latest single ‘Sodera‘!


Hello Slenders! Thanks for doing this interview with us! Could you introduce yourselves and tell us about how you came up with your band’s name? Hey, thank you for this interview! We are slenders, a punk-rock band formed in 2013. We released our first album in 2015 called “Love Fun Fear”. It was different from what we’re doing now, we were indeed young and we just wanted to find our way!

In 2017 we realesed ‘Nu Born’, our latest EP and it gave us a lot of satisfaction. Aimatrabolmeicher, an important Italian webzine, said that it was one of the ten best pop punk records of 2017! We played with many important Italian artist like Salmo, Train To Roots, Punkreas and many others! In november 2017, we made a tour in Eastern Europe! 18 shows in 20 days, featuring 7th Break! We played in Croazia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Slovakia and Austria!

How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard your songs before? We can say an emotional and powerful punk-rock! Plus, we put the heart in every song we write and we put every energy we’ve got in every show. We take inspiration from the 90’s punk Rock scene, like Lagwagon, Bad Religion, NOFX, Millencollin, Blink-182. But we put also some Italian influences from bands like Ministri, Bluvertigo, Verdena…

You just released your new single ‘Sodera’, along with a music video. Can you tell us more about this song? Why did you decide to favor a song in Italian, rather than in English? We usually sing in English but in this we wanted to use Italian because it is indeed a stronger language! It’s more deep than English and you can use many words to say the same thing. This song is very important for us and it talks about a man who deseves to have more and more. But when you achieve what you need, well, you want more. So, even if you reach the stars, you will want to get higher.

Speaking of music video, how was the shooting experience for this song? Can you tell us more about it? It was amazing, we shot the video in Sardinia, an Island in the mediterranean sea. And in San Giovanni, a place where Sergio Leone filmed most of his movies! And a big thank to Beppe Platania (owner of This Is Core), and Andrea Larosa from Lucerna Films for the amazing work they did.

Out of all the experiences you had as a band, has there been a particular one that has stood out to you? Yes, I think that the amazing tour we did in Eastern Europe gave us more consciousness about what we are and what we wanna do! To give people emotions and feelings that they will remember forever.

To finish, what is one lesson you’ve learned that you think is important to pass onto other bands? Make friends, don’t be jealous about other bands! We have to be a big Family, we have to be sailors from the same ship, because any band can’t do anything if there are nobody who support them 🙂

Thank you for your time guys, it was much appreciated. Readers, if you are into punk rock bands, you should definitely keep an eye on Slenders!

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