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The Shapers discuss “Another Chance” and upcoming projects!

I had a blast promoting their new music video “Another Chance” for the past few weeks. The pop-punks The Shapers are now here to discuss this new release, as well as their upcoming projects! Check out their answers below.

Hello The Shapers. Hope that you’re doing great? First of all, thanks for taking time to chat with me. For those who are not familiar with your band, could you please introduce yourselves, as well as your roles in the band?

Hi guys. Doing pretty good! Thanks for having us, we’re glad to be here! The band consists of Anthony, guitar and vocals, Nicolas, bass guitar and Chris, drums.

You guys are from Toulouse, France, but are currently living abroad. Would you mind telling us how was your integration in a country so different in terms of culture?

We are currently living in Singapore. Integration in Singapore is very easy because it’s like the Switzerland of Asia, we don’t really feel far from home. On the contrary, Indonesia is very different from Europe in so many aspects, but integration is still easy because people are very welcoming.

I feel like you love playing live in Indonesia. Can you tell us why? Do you guys have a touring agent or are you taking care of your live dates by yourselves?

Yeah we love to play there, for so many reasons. The rock scene is huge there, they have big festivals all year round. We have many friends all around the country too and Indonesia has so many beautiful landscapes. We always discover amazing places, however it’s clear more efforts are needed to protect the environment.

We actually just completed our fifth tour there, so by now we have pretty much tried all options, from taking care of everything ourselves to relying 100% on touring agents. So far, what has worked best was a combination of both.

You recently dropped your music video for the single “Another Chance”. Can we talk about this new release? What’s the story behind this song?

Yeah, we used tour footage from our tour in Indonesia last year, combined with studio shots. The song is about not wasting your time waiting for another chance when you just missed an opportunity. Instead of wasting time hoping for another chance to happen, you should just have fun, create your own opportunities!

This song is from your previous EP “Reckless Youth”. How were the writing and recording process for this EP?

We worked a lot at each step of the process and particularly upstream of the recording. There is a story behind each song, because we wanted to propose something with more personal lyrics and emotions, bringing different feelings in each tracks. We have shot video clips for almost every song to make it visual as well.  We also involved many friends in our recording process, to produce songs full of life and fun. It’s available on all streaming platfomrs and in vinyls, cds and cassettes as well.

This release is from 2016. Can we expect a new EP / Album / Single anytime soon? Can you tell us more about your upcoming projects for the rest of 2018 and 2019?

We will drop a new single soon from our upcoming EP, once the music video is done. We are hoping to release our new EP next year and to tour in new countries especially in Asia, but also to better integrate into the Singapore scene.

Thanks for your time!

Thank you Distrolution and see you soon!

Picture by Anthony Shaw

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