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American rockers Die Tired talk about their latest single, “Play”

American rockers Die Tired took time to answer a couple of questions linked to their latest release, “Play”. Check out what we talked about below!

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Hello Die Tired! Thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for us. Please introduce yourselves to our readers! How long has your band been around?

Originally derived from the old Marines adage: “You can run, but you’ll just die tired,” one might assume that their music has ominous undertones and potentially dark themes. Well, to Die Tired it is a punk rock way of saying, “Carpe diem!”. Being from various parts of the hills and streets of Pennsylvania, the members of Die Tired all bring their own specific flare and personality to the music. Each member has a slightly different taste in music, but in one way or another, these influences blend perfectly to breathe new life into some amazingly addictive alternative and pop rock sounds.

Die Tired is a multifaceted band, pulling inspiration from classic rock, heavy metal, pop punk, and just about anything else that they can play on a guitar! On stage, their upbeat and passionate performances always leave you wanting more. It’s impossible to not tap your foot, nod your head, or belt out the lyrics to their incredibly eclectic take on rock ‘n roll. It’s a good day to Die Tired!

Die Tired is:
Matthew DeAngelis – Vocals & Guitar
Sean Boyle – Guitar
Jamieson (Jim) Lee – Bass
Brandon Ballantyne – Drums

Matt & Jim have been playing together for several years, the current arrangement of Die Tired has been together for almost two years.

You recently revealed your new single, “Play”. What’s the story behind this song?

Lead guitarist and vocalist Matt DeAngelis explains that Play is about “leaving the things that drag you down behind and pursuing what you love. Taking the people you care about the most with you and leaning into the innocence and beauty that can be found in everyday life. This song is about having fun and being free… go fall in love, skydive, travel the world; as long as it’s pure and it’s what you need.”

It was released with a music video, available to watch on YouTube. How was the video shooting experience?

The video production was an amazing experience. Our label, SODEH Records took our theme and message for the song and brought it to life. From the storyline to the depiction of the actor and actress, it was all spot on to what we had in our minds. We are thrilled with the way the video turned out.

What is your best accomplishment as a band so far?

Our best accomplishment so far would have to be writing and releasing PLAY and getting signed to SODEH Records. PLAY has landed on multiple charts around the world. Being signed to SODEH Records has given us an extra layer of support, representation, and exposure that has allowed our brand, music, and name to reach a broader audience. You can check out additional info on everything Die Tired at: www.dietiredband.com!

You mentioned that you were about to release new songs early 2023. Please give us more details!

We are set to release our next single in March. This will also come with a new music video. We feel great about the new song. Be sure to like and follow us on our socials for continued updates on the release!

As a band, and music fans, what’s your favorite merch item and why?

Our favorite merch item is our black sweatshirt, that has the Die Tired logo on the front. It’s soft, stylish, edgy, and comfortable. Great to wear to a rock show, or around the house on a lazy day. You can check out our merch store here: www.dietiredband.com/store!

Thanks for your time!

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