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Ant The Kitchen reveal details from their latest album ‘Our Way’!

Ant The Kitchen combines different styles of music, such as New Wave, Psychedelic rock and blues. Thanks to vocalist Antonio, learn more about the band and their latest album ‘Our Way‘ below!
Ant the Kitchen

Hello Ant the Kitchen, thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for Distrolution. Could you please tell us who’s in your band and about how your band first formed? Hello Valentine! The band is formed by:
Me (Antonio) vocals, guitars, keyboards
Xisco (bass)
Guillermo (electric guitar)
Javier (drums)

Ant The Kitchen started as a solo project in 2010 in Milan (Italy). I put out my first demos in the same year. One of these songs (funny game) was also included in a national compilation of emerging artist in 2011. In 2012, I joined other local musician, so we played our first gigs in the city as a band. In the summer of 2013, I moved to Mallorca where I started composing my first EP (Put on a light on my way – nerocromo récords 2015). It’s where I met my actually bandmates. 

You released back in 2017 your album titled ‘Our Way’. Can you tell us more about this release? Yes, our first LP is a sort of personal diary troughout the last and the present decades. Some songs are more about me , others are more visionary and criptic. The whole message (Our Way) of this record is a self consciousness act of our way in this life, avoiding judgments.

How were the writing and recording process for this album? Quite long , I mean some songs were written in 2012/2013, others in 2014/2015. We managed, with the band, to create the final version during the rehearsals. However, some songs were completed in studio. The recording process took one and an half year to complete for different reasons. Anyway, we had the chance to improve some aspects of the songs.

It’s always hard to pick one song on a release, but from your personal point of views, which song is your favorite one on this album, and why? Yes it’s hard for a father to choose one of his sons… (laughs). I can tell you the one that, as a musician, has more than the others an emotional impact on me. So that song is indeed “Put on a light.” 

Are you happy with the feedback you received so far from both your fans and the media? Quite happy, especially from the media, we received a very good reviews. You know, we are still finding more fans. But our oldest true fans are very happy with this last record.

What else can we expect from Ant the Kitchen this year? Well… gigs and gigs we hope! Also a new EP with new songs maybe will see the light! (laughs)

Thanks for your time! Thanks to Distrolution for this opportunity!! Hasta Pronto!!

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