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Ben Galliers from The Voo discusses album “Brother VOO”

Ben Galliers from The Voo took time to answer a couple of questions for us. Learn more about the album “Brother VOO” in our new interview!

The Voo – Picture by Oliver Eckert

Hello The VOO, thanks for your time. Would it be please possible to introduce your band to our readers?

We are a dreamrocknroll duo from Hamburg. Double bass, electric guitar, three loop machines and a ton of effect pedals. The songs range from simple, puristic rock n roll to a psychedelic, loop-induced trip into outer-space.

What’s the story behind your band’s name?

We just liked the sound of it. It was kind of mysterious, had a 50’s/60’s vibe. In the ned it was the perfect choice.

How would you describe your sound?

Our sound is surf mixed with Kraut- and Stoner-Rock influences, a kind of Twin- Peaks vibe. Lots of the unusual noises are created by the double bass being sent through may effect pedals.

You’ve released your album “Brother VOO”, featuring music made with double-bass player Andrew Krell, who passed away earlier this year. Can we talk about the meaning of this record?

Of course. “Brother Voo” are the first two words of a personal message from me to Andrew. His passing was so unexpected and devastating that we were all just stunned. After talking to his family, the album took on an even greater importance to me personally. It is Andrew’s last work, it is a celebration of our friendship, our music and a way to honour his influence on my outlook on life. The VOO was more than just the music for both of us. Completing the album was a way to say thank you and process the loss of a friend.

How long did you work on the songs and where do you find your overall inspiration?

We wrote pretty much every time we met up. We would jam and record ideas on a little hand recorder. We had so much output it could easily have been a double-double album 🙂 Outer-space often seemed to play a role in the songs, I guess because of the spacey sounds that Andrew created. We took the band and the music seriously, but always with a smile… so some of the songs are a little tongue-in-cheek. We listened to lots of bands for inspiration; Cramps, Timber Timbre, Suicide, Death Grips… but also swing and jazz music… anything that turned us on.

Is there one song that, according to you, best reflects the overall spirit of the record? If yes, which one and why?

That is hard because our sound is so diverse. The original plan was to record two vinyls with different themes; one “dream” vinyl and one “rocknroll” vinyl. That way the listener could decide what mood he/she was in and choose a record accordingly. I don’t think you can define the VOO with one song… take your time, listen to a whole record. We didn’t want to go with the trend of short songs that get straight to the point, we wanted to do our own thing.

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Be happy… and listen to the VOO 🙂

Thanks for your time!

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