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BRAIN DISTILLERS CORPORATION talk about upcoming record!

BRAIN DISTILLERS CORPORATION – five powerful musicians from Italy, devoted to an outstanding and unique mix of rock, grunge and metal. I’m really happy to say that I got the chance to chat with them and focus our interview on their upcoming record “Medicine Show”. The latter will indeed be out on March 30th. Save the date!

Brain Distillers Corporation

Picture: Cristel Brouwer

Hi guys, how are you doing? First of all, huge thanks for taking some of your time to answer my questions, I really appreciate it! Let’s start with the basic, but important question: Could you please introduce your band to our readers? Hi Valentine! Thanks to you to give us this opportunity. Our band comes to light at the end of 2013 from a concept of guitarists Matteo Bidoglia and Francesco Altare; the idea was creating a band that was able to group different influences and musical passions ( from grunge music of Alice in Chains and Soundgarden, to rock/metal music of Black Label Society and Black Stone Cherry, and do not forget a constant blues taste). Luca Frangione (bass), Fabrizio Ravasi (drums) and Marco Pasquariello (lead singer) join the band immediately afterwards.

Your sound is described as “an outstanding and unique mix of rock, grunge and metal“. Was it important for you, as a band, to not choose a specific genre of music and offer various elements, in order to distinguish yourselves from the other Italian bands? Well…We didn’t consciously choose this way, this approach about the composition. We mixed five different minds and we loved the outcome; of course the impossibility of making a clear distinction in defining a specific genre it’s a plus for us! In this way we thought we’d aim it at a slightly more diverse, wider audience.

Your new record “Medicine Show” will be out on March 30th. Can you tell us more about this forthcoming release? What kind of songs can we indeed expect on this new record? This is our second album and we love it! When we chose the album concept, we thought: “This is great”. You should know that the medicine shows were touring acts, developed in the nineteenth century, especially in the southern states of USA, which peddled “miracle cure” patent medicines between various entertainments. Each show was run by a man posing as a doctor who drew the crowd with a monologue. The musicians kept the audience engaged until the salesman sold his medicine. For us this is a timeless theme, valid in terms of today. About music… it’s a real mix of hard rock, metal and grunge with a splash of blues. This might mean nothing, but it’s impossible to find a better definition! Every song comes from somewhere, tells a story and has a life of its own. We exhibited a lot of heart, rage, passion here… Proof of the pudding, sir.

How long have you worked on this album and how was your writing process for this one? We started working on this album during our first tour between Germany and Holland in 2016. Matt and Frank (guitar players) had a handful of ideas and the rest of the band started with these early drafts to compose the rest. The process is always the same; we do try to write as much as we can together, playing as a full band. We’ve been doing our own music for almost 20 years and we felt pretty confident in the fact that we could produce a record that we would all feel strongly about and be extremely proud of, and that’s what we did.

Ahead of this album, you released the first single and lyric video for your song ‘The Storm’, taken from your forthcoming record. Why did you pick this song instead of another one, to represent your next release? We chose “The Storm” because is a powerful-melodic song! The intro is a a thundering right to the face. We want to hit the audience, get his attention and that song…isn’t perfect for this purpose?! 🙂

Last but not least, apart from the release of “Medicine Show”, what else can we expect from BRAIN DISTILLERS CORPORATION in 2018? We want to play live as much as possible. After the summer we’ll probably be on tour across the europe… but we can’t say anything for the moment! We’ve been writing some new music, we haven’t recorded any yet but hopefully towards the end of this year we’re gonna try and get in the studio to begin working on something new… We don’t like stay put and do nothing! 🙂

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