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Learn more about Dead Bones Bunny, interview at Hellfest 2019

The rockabilly music is ruled by a lot of rules and there are a very few bands willing to break them. Dead Bones Bunny labels its music “rockabilly/metal”, and we could meet Bunny herself at Hellfest Open Air 2019.

Hi Bunny. Could you let us know who you are and where you come from ?

I’m Bunny Bones, a rabbit pin-up that used to live in the 50’s and after a huge party, where I was really drunk, I’ve been stuck by a jukebox. For some unknown reasons, I ended up in Paris in 2017. I met some musicians there in a local venue called Le Klub, and I’ve discovered the metal music and fell in love with it. I’ve eventually started a band that mixes my rockabilly influences with some more modern metal music.

Isn’t it hard to break the rules with rockabilly music ? What kind of feedback have you had so far ?

Things are OK among the metal scene. People are really open minded and they are really interested about mixing some genres, that are not from the metal family. It’s way more complicated with the rockabilly and the psychobilly scene. It’s hard to make a name there but maybe someday, we will find the right place for us. Maybe we can do something with Banane Metalik, for example.

How as your album “What’s up rock?” has been welcomed ?

Most of the reviews are super positive and people are so fascinated by Bunny that they imagine some stories behind. It’s gonna be very helpful to write some more songs for the next album. We are sometimes compared to The Stray Cats and sometimes Motörhead because of Thibault’s voice. We won’t blame them and we are super happy with this!

Isn’t it hard to federate people around your music ?

We thought so, but people really dig it. Metallers are so open minded. They really dig the different music styles even if it’s really different from what they use to listen to. They can sing along with us, even dance, and they usually do.

You mentioned having some inspiration for the next album. What will it be like ?

We don’t really have plans. I used to write most of the songs and wasn’t really open to ideas before, but I’m really stoked about what my musicians can bring. Maybe I’ll let them write some songs and see what comes together. However, it’s gonna be a rockabilly/metal album.

Are there any bands you’d like to share the stage with ?

Volbeat !!! I would love to play with them. The Carburetors from Sweden too, Banane Metalik, Creepshow, Mad Sin, Nekromantix, …

Any advice for your fans ?

Eat some carrots !!!

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