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Diligente talk about the French rock scene and debut single!

French rockers Diligente have recently revealed their new single and music video, “Réseau”. The band also took a few minutes to answer a couple of questions for us, linked to the French rock scene and this debut single! Check out what they had to say below!


Hello Diligente! Thanks for your time! For those who don’t know you yet, would you mind introducing your music to our readers?

Hello and many thanks to you.

First of all, concerning the name of our group: it is not a trivial choice. Our desire is to do simple, fast and efficient music. We don’t want to be stuck in any specific box, even if on the Internet people are starting to associate our style to other French Rock bands. True, we love raunchy guitars and genuine drum sounds, but we are not stuck on the nostalgic fashion which consists in reproducing vintage sounds or sticking to any particular style. We are a true Rock band but, as you will hear it on the up-coming tracks, we’re not here just to make noise.

How would you describe the French rock scene in general?

Let’s be honest: today it is almost nonexistent. Eiffel or Mademoiselle K keep a genuine Rock line. But the young generation listens to what’s on TV, the media or YouTube but nevertheless, there is still a great Rock community in France which we only aspire to awaken.

You guys are pretty new to the scene, right? Isn’t it hard to find a place in an already well-established scene?

Although it is quite true that flood lights are not quite aimed on the Rock scene in general as the trend is rather focused on “Urban music” like Rap music, let’s remember that the world works in cycles. So, Rock will be back and… we’ll be there.

You just released a music video for your debut single, “Réseau”. What inspired you to write this song?

Creating a song is like building a house. You need sturdy foundations. You need a real theme, a riff, a melody, something that you feel is quite exceptional to make a song from it. As for “Réseau”, I started from the intro guitar riff, then stuck a singing line and then, only at the end, we wrote the actual text. The words have to correspond perfectly. But at the start, I am seldom inspired by a cause or a topical subject or even a news story. Music or songs as we call them here indeed don’t work like that in our neck of the woods.

Can we expect a debut EP or album in the upcoming months?

Absolutely! (Julien?)

The last words are for you. If you have a message to convey, here’s your chance!

Rock is not dead!

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