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Filmspeed talk about their latest LP “Hexadecimal”!

Here’s Distrolution’s brand new interview with the trio Filmspeed. Learn more about the band’s latest LP, “Hexadecimal”, below!


Hello Filmspeed, thanks for taking time to answer a few questions for Distrolution. Could you please tell us who’s in your band and about how your band first formed? Hey! It’s our pleasure, thanks for making it happen! Craig here, and I’ll be answering these for the band.

It has pretty deep roots just outside of Detroit, Michigan. The bassist, Nick and I grew up in the same town, went to the same high school, worked at the same grocery store etc.

We started Filmspeed with the drummer from the project that took us all out to Los Angeles. A punkpop powertrio w/keyboards and loud hair called No One Goes Home.

The first Filmspeed record was put together remotely while each of us had lives away from each other, haha! Unfortunately, life takes precedent sometimes and we split the OG drummer. Sooo… the 2nd, record was a massive purge of material once we welcomed our next drummer to the group.

NOW here we are on LP #3, and it’s the first to feature our newest and most bestest drummer/ singer/ guitar/piano/ degree holding musician/ hell of a great guy, Oliver! Who is going on 2 years in this whirlwind of a band. Ok, now we’re caught up.

Your LP “Hexadecimal” is now out. Can you tell us more about this release? What kind of songs can we indeed expect on this record? Yes. Right in line with all the Filmspeed LP’s to date, Hexadecimal is a true album, by that, I mean it’s a record of non-stop sound. We wanted to make something that you can take for a ride. We know it’s a singles game these days, and there’s plenty of time for that, but to the kids who still enjoy tuning out for about an hour, this one is for you.

Speaking of the songs on this album. Which one is your personal favorite track and why? It really depends on the mood, so honestly it changes all the time. Since it’s a sunny day outside, I’ll go with “Anywhere But Here”. It’s the ‘get-in-the-car-and-lets-go’ anthem on the record for me.

How were the writing and recording process for this record? This record has two drummers featured on it. Just over half of it is written and performed with Oliver. The songs are written over the course of about four years.

The original plan was to put out an EP by mid 2016, but of course, life happens. We had a solid batch of 9 tracks to choose from all done on our own with help from great buddies at AEA. But, during the talks about how and when to release them, we amicably split with James the drummer. Obviously, we had some retooling to do, so we took time to play live and get a groove. We suffered a hiatus for a few months during which Nick lost his father and my mother passing not long after. #fuckcancer

SOOO! Once we got back, settled, unshook and ready for anything. We make the decision to make it an LP. Back to the studio at AEA and then wrapped up into a real product at Manifest Music in Santa Monica. With Oliver at the kit, another 11 songs exploded out of us. Final count; 19 jams. All totally different, fresh, raw and handmade.

Tell us one random fun fact about each band member of the band.
Craig owns a rabbit. A Holland Lop to be specific, named Gouda.
Nick is not only a passionate cook in the kitchen, he’s also an expert gardener. If you want a homemade dinner from farm to table, he’s your ticket.
Oliver holds a degree in Jazz. When asked for the motivation he explained, “It was the closest thing I could major in to rock’n roll. Plus, all my favorite rock drummers were jazz style players anyway.”

Can we expect new releases or any other projects for the rest of the year? YES. We’re currently prepping for release of our next single “Bless My Soul”. It’s coming up quickly on a year since the LP, but we’ve got video to make and support the new track so, most likely looking at an October release. Working theory is one more single before the new year and then hitting the road and planning an EP.

Meanwhile, we got new episodes of our podcast “Consistently Off” as well as the “#NailedIt w/ @CraigBroomba” Vlog constantly renewing on our FB page.

Last but not least. Out of all the experiences you had as a band, has there been a particular one that has stood out to you? The present always seems to shine above the past, right? That being said, yes, this last tour. It was our first as Filmspeed. It took a long long time to get the pieces in place. The 3 of us are as locked in as I have ever had the pleasure of performing with. So now that we’re here, it feels like we’re unstoppable and ready to ROLL!

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